Amazon Just Knocked 50% Off an Xbox Game Pass Subscription

Xbox One gamers will probably have heard of Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's subscription service that lets gamers play through a catalogue of games without actually having to physically buy them. It normally costs £8 a month, but if you head over to Amazon before midnight tonight, you'll be able to snag six months access for half price. That's £24 instead of £48. Read More >>

Buy a Phone or Tablet From Sky Mobile, and You’ll Get a Free Return Flight to Europe

People don't upgrade phones as much as they used to, and they never really replaced old tablets on a regular release cycle, so it's hardly surprising when mobile networks try and do what they can to flog new devices (along with some usage contracts). Some might offer free gizmos or special data bundles, but Sky Mobile has teamed up with to give anyone who buys a new phone or tablet a free return flight to somewhere in Europe. Read More >>

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The Best Places to Buy The Last Jedi on Digital, Blu-Ray, DVD, and 4K

Today is the day that The Last Jedi gets its UK release, arriving on DVD, digital storefronts, and Blu-ray discs of all varieties. It's safe to say that there are a lot of options to choose from, and plenty of different retailers that would like you to buy the film from then. It's a little overwhelming, so we decided to do some of the legwork and find who has the best prices and if there are any special deals you should watch out for. Read More >>

Nokia 7 Plus Hits the UK on 2nd May, Comes With a Free Google Home Mini

Nokia, or rather HMD which owns the Nokia brand name these days, releases a lot of phones. So many, in fact, that it's quite easy to accidentally tune out and focus on other companies that have a much lengthier release cycle. You might want to pay attention to this, however, because the Nokia 7 Plus arrives 2nd May and will come with a free Google Home Mini during its first month on sale. Read More >>

Pret is Giving Away 300,000 Free Hot Drinks This Week

There are a lot of reasons not to be a huge dick when ordering anything in public, the main one obviously being that acting like a dick doesn't actually accomplish anything. This week anyone visiting a Pret a Manger has an extra incentive not to be a bastard, because the company is giving out 300,000 vouchers for free hot drinks - the clincher being that it's up to the staff to decide who gets them. Read More >>

Sony Will Give a Free PS4 or PSVR to Anyone Pre-Ordering an Xperia XZ2 or XZ2 Compact

If you needed a reason to buy yourself Sony's latest mobile offering, whether it's the XZ2 or its Compact sibling, Sony's just offered something that might make the decision quite a bit easier. It's offering a free PS4 or PSVR Headset to anyone who pre-orders either phone. Read More >>

Amazon’s Easter Sale Starts on 19th March

It feels like Amazon has more sales than DFS, with every possible special day or time-period coming with discounts on stuff - even if they only apply to Echos and other Amazon-made devices. Easter is no exception, and the retail giant has confirmed that its sale starts on 19th March. Read More >>

EE’s Boosting Data Deals for PAYG Customers, Including New Mobile Broadband Plans

EE's decided it's going to do its Pay As You Go customers a solid, offering a few extra little perks that it says are designed to offer more flexibility, value, and control over how much money you're spending. That means new mobile broadband plans and data rollover on PAYG voice plans. Read More >>

Valentine’s Day is Amazon’s Latest Excuse for Having a Sale

These days it feels as though Amazon will come up with any old reason to discount its own first-party gadgets, so it's hardly a surprise that it's also jumping on the Valentine's bandwagon to slash some prices. If you need a very last minute gift and forgot high street shops exist, or you just want to save yourself a few quid, here are all the deals you can exploit: Read More >>

Samsung’s Offering Free Gig Tickets to Anyone Who Buys a Galaxy 8 Phone or Tab S3

February starts tomorrow, which is the month Samsung has already confirmed will involve the unveiling of the Galaxy S9 smartphone. Clearly it wants to clear out some old stock before then, though, because its offering people free gig tickets if they go out and buy one right now. Read More >>

Here Are Some of Argos’s Best Christmas Deals on Tech and Games [UPDATED]

It is Christmas, which means many of you will already be sitting around with your family trying not to argue over stupid little things your grandma keeps bringing up. Well that's what I'm doing, and I just assume everyone has a grandma as irritating as mine. Read More >>

Amazon’s Echo Dot is Cheap Again, Back to £34.99

Amazon's Echo Dot Alexa gizmo has been discounted a lot this year, and now it's being discounted again. While the RRP is £50, Amazon is selling the Dot for just £34.99. That's a saving of £15 for those of you who can't do maths. Read More >>

The Best Lego Sets We Got in 2017

The year is coming to a close and everyone seems to be looking back at the state of things after the past 12 months. Rather than bore you with things like politics, Brexit negotiations, the price of smartphones, or the fact that everything is awful, we're looking at something good and wholesome. Lego. Read More >>

Amazon’s Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch Deal is Pretty Crazy

Despite the fact Nintendo said it wouldn't be discounting the Switch for Black Friday, some retailers have gone ahead and done it anyway. While there were some good deals last week on Black Friday, Amazon's Cyber Monday deal blows them out of the water. Read More >>

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Black Friday’s Winding Down, But Don’t Miss This Great Offer on the HTC Vive

With such a high entry price, decent PC-based virtual reality isn't very widespread. But the sales days are always ripe with opportunity to reduce the amount you have to spend, and HTC's Vive headset has one such deal Read More >>