The Hunter Becomes the Hunted With the Creation of a ‘Death Ray’ for Drones

They're cool to look at, can be used to take selfies and might even be capable of planting billions of trees. However, there's a far darker side to drones too.  They've been involved in four near-misses with commercial aeroplanes over the last few weeks, have been used to deliver drugs to prisoners, and are routinely used as a 'safe' and easy way to bomb fellow humans. Read More >>

This DIY Solar-Powered Death Ray Can Even Melt Metal

Burning ants with a magnifying glass is a long-accepted childhood pastime and possible indicator of sociopathy. But when Kevin Moore and Grant Reynolds at the Science Channel got the idea to more effectively harness the sun's destructive heat, they decided to go big... like 815 degree C big. Read More >>

the dreamers
Harry Grindell Matthews, Madcap Inventor of the Death Ray and the Sky Projector

Many inventors qualify as dreamers, but precious few captured the popular imagination in the same manner as Harry Grindell Matthews. In the early twentieth century he produced a litany of devices that were the stuff of science fiction and fantasy, chief among them the "Death Ray" and the "Sky Projector". But his reluctance to explain how they worked caused him to frequently butt heads with a sceptical establishment. Read More >>