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You’ve Been Wrong About Where the Death Star Trench Was for Your Entire Life

If you were asked to point to the trench that housed the first Death Star’s exhaust port, where would you point? If you pointed at the big obvious seam running along the Death Star’s equator, I am sorry, but you are wrong. But don’t feel too bad—it turns out even the people at Industrial Light & Magic thought that was the answer. Read More >>

I Spent 22 Hours Building Lego’s New Death Star So You Don’t Have To

But really? If you’ve got the time, lack of willpower when it comes to buying shiny things, space to house a giant plastic sphere, and the money, you actually might want to build it anyway. Read More >>

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Photo Series Puts the Size of Random Huge Objects in Perspective

This wonderful photo series comparing the size of things by Kevin Wisbith is a really fun way to earn some brain wrinkles, because it gives you a better sense of the true size of random buildings, ships, machines, and other objects. You get to see things like the Death Star hover over Florida in space, a B-2 bomber stretch across the width of an entire American football field, and the Titanic sitting on top of an aircraft carrier. Read More >>

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Mad Pyromaniac Builds an Explosive Death Star Using 5,000 Fireworks

To help celebrate gaining his three-millionth subscriber, madcap British inventor Colin Furze, the creator of the thermite cannon and questionably-safe hoverbike, among others, has successfully topped all of his inventions to date by building his own miniature Death Star covered in 58 boxes of fireworks all wired together for one magnificent 20-second spectacle. Read More >>

Handmade Bamboo Death Star Looks Better Than the Real Thing

Even woodworkers celebrate Star Wars day. For Frank Howarth, the project was obvious: construct a wooden Death Star. Read More >>

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A Tiny Death Star Is the Only Reason You Should Buy a Levitating Speaker

An unknown breakthrough in consumer levitation technology has led to an influx of floating speakers that don’t sound any different, but look kinda cool—were this the mid-’80s. Before you write them off completely, someone has managed to find a way to make these novelties genuinely worthy of your desk space, as a tiny Death Star replica. Read More >>

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Economist: The Destruction of Two Death Stars Bankrupted the Galactic Empire

It’s common knowledge that Death Stars are wildly expensive weapons of mass destruction. What we didn’t know, until now, is that destroying two of them would bankrupt the Galactic Empire. Apparently Luke and his small band of Rebels didn’t crunch the numbers, either. Read More >>

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Buy a Set of Star Wars Glassware and Then Fight Over Who Drinks From the Death Star

Who’s to say if a cocktail tastes better sipped from an Endor or a Tatooine glass? What’s for certain is that you can spend £27 ($40) on this six-piece set of Star Wars Planetary Glassware from ThinkGeek, and then fight over who gets to drink from the Death Star glass, and who has to settle for Hoth. Read More >>

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Nerdy Paper Lanterns For Those Who Prefer Star Wars or Treks

Paper lanterns are the cardboard furniture of the lighting world. They’re light, they’re cheap, and they’re incredibly fragile. But there’s even more reason to take good care of these paper lanterns from ThinkGeek: they look like tiny versions of the Borg Cube and the Death Star when switched off. Read More >>

A Death Star Filled With Plastic Stormtroopers Is a Better Bucket of Army Men

If there’s one toy that defines cheap and mass-produced, it’s those buckets full of tiny green plastic army men. They really stop being desirable once you turn six, except when those plastic soldiers are replaced with tiny white stormtroopers led by an equally tiny Darth Vader. Read More >>

It Took Half a Million Bricks to Build Legoland’s New Death Star

Even with gigantic stadia dotting the earth, it’s hard for us to imagine just how massive the Empire’s Death Star really was. Over in California’s Legoland they recently added a scale model of the Death Star to its collection, and using around half a million bricks it still ended being only about eight-feet in diameter. It’s no wonder the Emperor didn’t build with Lego. Read More >>

View Our World Through the Eyes of a Stormtrooper

"Space Station Earth" is a digital map that turns our entire planet into a cold and otherworldly spaceship. Our terrestrial home transforms into George Lucas' scourge of the Galaxy—the dreaded Death Star. Read More >>

That’s No Moon or Space Station, Just a Fantastic Death Star Rug

What's this? A piece of Star Wars-themed decor that doesn't look like a primary school craft project? There's a chance that folks who've never even seen Star Wars might actually want this Death Star rug in their living room, since its asymmetrical design doesn't scream 'science fiction movie prop'. Read More >>

Turn Any Wall Into a Death Star With These Mix-and-Match Tiles

Tom Spina Designs has a long history of bringing wonderful Star Wars-inspired creations to life. We still wish we could have snatched up the Han Solo Carbonite desk the company created, and now we desperately want these brilliant sculpted modular tiles that make any surface look like you're up close and personal with the Death Star. Read More >>

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Was the Destruction of the Death Star an Inside Job?

Was there more to the climax of Star Wars: A New Hope than met the eye? According to the creators of Luke's Change: an Inside Job, a fantastically clever take on another documentary you're probably aware of, there certainly was. And come to think of it, some of the details of the whole thing were pretty convenient. I'm starting to think that maybe all this stuff didn't actually happen... [Boing Boing via io9] Read More >>