First Observation of Rigor Mortis in Worms Could Help Us Understand Death by Old Age

Living creatures do amazing things. They grow toward the sun, build cities, lay eggs, and some even bone. But living things must die, and when they do, they tend to get smelly and mushy pretty quickly. But the moments after death, before decomposition, can be amazing in their own right. Scientists have just learned a bit more about this mysterious time by studying common worms. Read More >>

Irn Bru Enthusiasts Can Now be Buried in a Branded Coffin

It would probably be libellous of us to say that people who drink Irn Bru are likely to die sooner than everyone else, so we won't say that. But just in case you are an Irn Bru fan and you are planning on dying in the near future from entirely unrelated complications, here's a thing. An Irn Bru coffin. Read More >>

Almost As Many Celebrities Died In 2017 as 2016 – Here’s Why You Didn’t Notice

Quick, think back to 2016! What an awful year. Even if we could erase Brexit and Trump from history, it’d still be remembered as a miserable time because of all of the beloved celebrities we lost: Bowie! Prince! Carrie Fisher! And, umm, Fidel Castro. Read More >>

Water Cremation Plan Suspended Because No One’s Last Wish is to be Flushed Away

Apparently, the future of disposing of bodies is a process that's known as alkaline hydrolysis, or a "water cremation" to make it sound a little nicer. It's where the body is placed in a tank and mixed with chemicals until the meaty bits dissolve, then it's swished away down the plug hole and the relatives are presented with the ground-up bones of their beloved. It's sounds pretty unappealing, but then again so does being burned and buried in an inescapable box. Read More >>

Man Behind Crowdfunded Submarine Now Says He Intentionally Sunk Ship After Journalist’s Death

On Monday, reporters were allowed to hear Peter Madsen’s version of the events that led to the death of the journalist Kim Wall aboard crowdfunded submarine, the UC3 Nautilus. At a court hearing in Copenhagen, Madsen claimed that Wall was accidentally struck on the head by a heavy hatch and he maintains that he is innocent of manslaughter. Read More >>

People Are Immortalising Their Dead Loved Ones in Soft Toys

On Wednesday, a video capturing a tender if somewhat eerie moment surfaced on Reddit, allegedly showing a woman listening to the voice of her late husband emanating from a teddy bear. The title of the post suggests that she was married to her husband for 32 years before he died of cancer, and the bear was a gift to her from her children. Read More >>

climate change
Frozen Couple Unearthed By Climate Change (and a Ski Lift Company)

It’s not often that you’ll hear someone thank climate change for something. But today, it seems to have offered some closure on a 75-year-old mystery. So, thanks climate change, at least for this. Read More >>

The Sun Accidentally Announces Royal Death

So there was a royal announcement this morning, and it was a bit boring and to do with an old bloke deciding to spend a bit more time reading the Daily Mail by the fire, but that's not the interesting part. The fun thing is that The Sun newspaper got a bit ahead of itself in the pre-writing stakes, and accidentally pressed publish on a placeholder story reporting Prince Philip's death, in a cringeworthy gaffe worthy of the man himself. Read More >>

Here Are the Ways Large Asteroids Can Kill You, Ranked

Large asteroids definitely present one of the most colourful and chaotic possible apocalypses. Such an impact would cause quite a cinematic conclusion, combining a plague of wind, tsunamis, heat, and other terrors into a horrible death-fest. Honestly, count me in. Read More >>

Jet-Powered Hearse Could Top 200mph, Says Maker

Speed and engineering enthusiast Matt Mckeown has a new project on the go. He's modifying a 1992 Ford hearse by sticking a jet engine in it, because he has a spare jet engine or two kicking about in the garage and why on earth not? Read More >>

Driver Accidentally Gassed Himself and a Passenger With DIY Car Mods

A driver from Chelmsford accidentally killed himself and a passenger in his Ford Fiesta, after DIY modifications led to a massive increase in the amount of engine fumes entering the compartment. Read More >>

VW’s Emissions Cheating Accused of Triggering 1,200 Premature Deaths

Volkswagen's fiddling of emissions data on its cars could have bad repercussions for up to 1,200 Europeans, with researchers suggesting that's the number of premature deaths that could be caused by the group's cars pumping out of extra fumes. Read More >>

Storm Chasers Unite to Give Bill Paxton an Epic Tribute

Storm chasers combined forces to pay tribute to a man who put them on the map by literally putting his initials on their maps. Hundreds of professionals and enthusiasts are checking in to form the letters “BP” with their GPS coordinates. Paxton reportedly died on Saturday due complications following heart surgery. He was just 61-years-old. Read More >>

Eugene Cernan, the Last Human on the Moon, Has Passed Away

Former astronaut Gene Cernan has died at the age of 82. He holds the distinction of being the most recent man to walk on the Moon and his legacy as one of humanity’s greatest explorers will live on. Read More >>

2016 Really Was The Worst Year For Famous People Dying – Here’s The Data That Proves It

2016 was not a good year to be a celebrity. At points it felt like every day we were losing a beloved famous name, from David Bowie on January 10th all the way through to Carrie Fisher and her mother at the end of December. “Damn you 2016!” became the cry of despair from all of us, as it felt like too many of our heroes were leaving us. Read More >>