The Coolest Futuristic Deaths

The far future is notoriously unknowable, but one thing we can be reasonably certain of is that we will die. Some very rich and imaginative people like to think that this is not the case—which will honestly make it pretty funny when they eat it like the rest of us proles. Read More >>

A Dangerous Algae is Killing Our Dogs – and Climate Change is Going to Make it Worse

A pair of tragic stories reported this past weekend are raising awareness of a threat to both people and animals in the water: algae. At least four dogs in two states along the Southeast U.S. have reportedly died from swimming in freshwater lakes and ponds filled with toxic blue-green algae. And as the climate warms, these sad cases could become more common in the U.S. and elsewhere. Read More >>

Can You Laugh to Death?

True laughter—not the strained, polite variant you find in offices, or the monotonous guffawing you hear on comedy podcasts, but real, involuntary, gasping laughter—is an escape from death, or at least the dread of it: you can think about death while laughing hysterically, can even, if you’re a sociopath, watch someone die while laughing hysterically, but it’s safe to say that, in that moment, your own death will not seem so frightening. And so of course the question is: can the act of laughing itself kill you, specifically with an aneurysm or a heart attack? For this week’s Giz Asks, we reached out to a number of doctors to find out. Read More >>

Looks Like You’ll be Buried on a Brownfield Site or Along a Motorway

Being an island of limited space and with a long history of dead people means we're running out of space to put everyone when they die, resulting in full graveyards the land over. One solution to this could be creating new, modern burial sites on public land and beside roads, perhaps putting grandad to rest beside his favourite stretch of the A303. Read More >>

TV Watching is Worse for Your Heart Than Sitting at Work, Study Finds

Some kinds of sitting around are worse for your heart than others, at least according to a new study out today. The findings suggest that watching more hours of TV a day can raise your risk of eventual heart disease and early death. At the same time, more sitting at work might not have any apparent negative effect on your heart health. Read More >>

The UK’s Largest Undertaker Isn’t Seeing Enough Dead People and it’s Killing Profits

Dignity, one of the UK's industry leaders when it comes to the business of death, says a 12 per cent drop in the popping of clogs and kicking of buckets over the course of the first three months of 2019 has resulted in a 15 per cent dip in revenue, and an operating profit drop of 42 per cent. So break out the booze and fags if you want to support the British funeral market, because the longer you're alive, the less money it's making. Read More >>

Author Finds Elephant Man’s Grave

The grave of Joseph Merrick, unfortunately referred to by the cruel newsprint trolls of the day as the Elephant Man, has been found. Read More >>

For Sale: A Giant Bird With Beautiful Eggs (That Murdered Its Previous Owner)

An auction house in the US state of Florida is reportedly fulfilling the final wishes of an exotic animal collector by selling off his menagerie of about 100 animals, including the one with knife-like talons that took his life. Read More >>

Facebook Wants to Help Your Heirs Better Manage Your Page When You Die

When you die in real life, your social media accounts remain—often as a digital mourning space for friends and family. Facebook is a particularly prominent example of that, and now the company is rolling out a new Tributes feature that lets users leave messages in a dedicated section of a memorialised account (that is, one created by a dead person) separate from the profile’s Timeline. Read More >>

The Funeral Directors Deployed to America’s Deadliest Disasters

Last November, as wildfires ravaged the town of Paradise, California, Robert Vigil received an urgent call from the Department of Health and Human services (HHS). Local officials were racing to identify the remains of fire victims, and Vigil, who has spent 26 years as a funeral director in Yuma County, Arizona, was needed on the scene. Read More >>

US Gun Deaths Reached a Record High in 2017

The number of Americans who were killed by firearms in 2017 reached a record high, according to a recent CNN analysis of data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There were almost 40,000 gun-related deaths last year. The majority of these deaths were suicides. Read More >>

Elaborate Burials Uncovered at Fifth-Century Anglo-Saxon Cemetery

Archaeologists working in eastern England have discovered a previously unknown Anglo-Saxon cemetery dating back some 1,600 years. At least 20 graves have been uncovered, including many lavish burials belonging to women. Read More >>

The Best and Worst Afterlives in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

The concept of a great beyond, whether heavenly or hellish, exists across so many fictional universes—be they part of belief systems or, more often than not in the realms of sci-fi and fantasy, actual planes of existence. We've gather up a few our of favourite afterlives. Read More >>

How the Universe Ends

Somewhere between a second and a millennium from now, you will die. Your body and all of its parts will cease functioning and rejoin the Earth as regular, lifeless stuff. The Earth, too, will die, engulfed by an expanding, ageing Sun. The Sun will burn off all of its fuel and end up a white dwarf, then burn out and die. The Milky Way will collide with nearby Andromeda, and form a large, elliptical galaxy, which will die by losing all of its stars to intergalactic space. The corpses of those remaining stars will die, decaying into their constituent parts. The universe will age onward, until all matter is either stored in black holes or floating as free elementary particles. Those black holes will evaporate, and then universe will die. All that was will be an icy cold nothing, forever. Read More >>