Gambling Watchdog Bans Use of Credit Cards to Fund Accounts

The UK's Gambling Commission is about to do something it would like us to consider good, as from April 14 gamblers will no longer be able to fund online accounts and place bets offline using credit cards. Read More >>

Chinese Province Spent International Workers’ Day Shaming People With Debts

While labourers all over the world spent May Day marching in the streets and demonstrating for worker’s rights, China’s government spent the holiday shaming citizens with outstanding debts by plastering their faces and personal information on giant screens. Read More >>

Netflix Pledges to Eat £2.4 Billion in Debt for Original Programming

Netflix announced in a press release on Monday that the company would be taking on another $800 million (£654 million) in debt in order to create more original content. Netflix is already in $2.37 billion (£1.93 billion) of debt to further Netflix’s vision of being 50 per cent original content. Chief content officer Ted Sarandos announced in January that the company planned to invest $6 billion total in creating its own movies and TV shows. So it’s half way there. Read More >>

Sony and Panasonic Credit Ratings Cut to “Junk” Level

Credit agency Fitch has downgraded its views of both Sony and Panasonic, dropping the two tech giants to "junk" status. Which is business speak for "don't buy shares in these two as they could go broke." Read More >>

Apparently, You’re Not Allowed to Pay 20p or More in Coppers Alone

I'm not sure if everyone is aware of the Coinage Act 1971, but due to a recent case of a disgruntled man getting into a spot of trouble for paying an £800 quid debt in coppers, I think we should all take note. Read More >>