That Viral Story About a Japanese Man Crushed to Death by His Porn Collection is Totally Fake

Did a man in Japan really get crushed to death by his porn collection? No. But you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise, thanks to this dumb game of Telephone we call The Internet. Read More >>

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How the Rubik’s Cube Juggler Tricked the Internet

Last week the internet watched in amazement as Leo Weston solved three Rubik’s cubes while juggling them. Now he’s back to show us how he faked the entire thing, and its just as impressive. Read More >>

Nope, That’s Not the Death Star Sucking the Life Out of our Sun

Space conspiracy theorists have been going nuts over a video taken from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, saying that a dark sphere visible in the Sun’s corona must be a planet-sized UFO, a world-ending super weapon, or even a tiny black hole. It certainly looks like a large spherical object is sucking the plasma out of our Sun in this video, but according to NASA it’s nothing. Read More >>

NASA: Nope, That’s Not a UFO, It’s Just Plain Old Venus

Alien conspiracy theorists went nuts (as you can see above) when they saw a strange, massive, triangle shaped “object” captured in a video by NASA’s STEREO-B spacecraft, which with its twin is parked either side of the sun. This time, NASA’s been ticked off enough, probably by the constant barrage of phone calls and cover-up articles, to debunk it publically. Read More >>

iPhones Are Only Being Used For Calls on The Avengers Set, Not Filming

It turns out that Seamus McGarvey, the cinematographer for the upcoming Avengers flick, was misquoted in an interview with the Irish Film & Television Network last week that claimed a handful of shots in the movie were filmed with an iPhone. Read More >>