No, Using a Mobile Phone Isn’t Causing You to Grow a Horn

You might have heard recently, from publications like the Washington Post, NBC, and of course, Newsweek, that some people are growing a “horn” or a “spike” out of the back of their skull from using a smartphone too much. Read More >>

The Moon Has ‘Moving Water’, But Don’t Break Out Your Swimsuit

Tabloids reported over the weekend that a “bombshell” report found moving water on the Moon which could lead to “Moon colonisation.” Obviously those headlines are misleading – there are no rivers flowing along the lunar surface. Let’s talk about what really happened. Read More >>

Antioxidants Will Not Stop You From Dying

When you hear something is chock-full of antioxidants, the mental conclusion is often: That’s it—that’s the elixir of life, I have to eat a lot of that. But why do we all assume that loading up on anti-oxidants will somehow be the key to infinite youth? Read More >>

Head Transplant Doctor Claims First Successful Human Head Transplant…on a Corpse

One nice thing about teddy bears is that if your dog tears the head off of your child’s favourite one, you can just sew it back on. But you don’t proclaim your achievement a “wild success”—rather, you say, “here, I have fixed your lifeless play-thing.” Read More >>

Let’s All Calm Down and Make Sense of That Antarctic Mantle Plume

Three decades ago, scientists began to study the possibility that there was a plume of hot rock coming up from the mantle, heating parts of Western Antarctica. Back in September, researchers published results of a model showing how such a plume might affect the Antarctic ice sheet. Yesterday, these headlines started to appear: Read More >>

More Evidence That Fish Oil Supplements Might Be Useless

You most certainly know someone taking fish oil pills—those fishy, translucent gold capsules—for their purported heart benefits. But evidence continues to mount that fish oil might be snake oil. At the very least, it doesn’t pack nearly the punch we once thought. Instead, it’s probably just worth eating actual fish, which is loaded with plenty of healthy vitamins and minerals. Read More >>

So About That Woman Who Got Pregnant Twice in 10 Days

Earlier this week, news made the rounds that an Australian woman gave birth to twins conceived 10 days apart, in an extremely rare case of “superfetation”. To make matters more intriguing, the woman had polycystic ovary syndrome, meaning her body doesn’t ovulate naturally. Apparently, she underwent a hormone treatment, to “spectacular results.” Read More >>

New Study Could Be the Death Knell of Brain-Training Games

Brain-training programs like the ones offered by Luminosity and LearningRx claim to boost intelligence and even offset the effects of ageing. A re-evaluation of the existing scientific literature on the matter shows these claims are complete bullshit. Read More >>

No, NASA Did Not Just Change Your Zodiac Sign

NASA did not just rewrite the zodiac chart. But here’s why so many people are convinced that the agency did—and the real story behind the rumour. Read More >>

Submerged ‘Lost City’ is Actually a Naturally Occurring Phenomenon

A few years ago, divers discovered an apparent underwater “lost city” off the coast of Zakynthos in Greece. New research reveals that the site, which was thought to be the ruins of a long-forgotten civilisation that perished when tsunamis hit the shore, is in actuality a geological formation—and a bizarre one at that. Read More >>

We’re Totally Wrong About Why Babies Make Funny Faces

Newborn infants are supposed to be capable of imitating our facial expressions, like sticking out our tongues and opening our mouths. A new study in Current Biology suggests there’s no actual imitating going on—and that it’s all in our heads. Read More >>

No, Scientists Have Not Created a Matrix-Like Interface That Instantly Uploads Data to Your Brain

Remember that mind-blowing scene in The Matrix when Neo had jiu-jitsu and kung fu uploaded directly into his brain? Researchers from HRL Laboratories are now saying they’ve developed a similar device that “teaches” pilots new skills. Too bad it’s bullshit. Read More >>

Deepak Chopra Thinks Stomach Bacteria Listens to Your Thoughts

Questionable-tweet publisher Deepak Chopra is at it again, this time spouting his patented food nonsense at the “Fat Summit” online conference. While speaking to celebrity doctor and alternative medicine enthusiast Mark Hyman, Chopra explained that the vast collection of microbes in our gut are actually capable of listening to our thoughts. Read More >>