Nintendo Bathroom Curtain—Now You’re Playing With Shower

If you’ve ever fantasised about stomping on Goombas, or rescuing Princess Zelda, you’re going to want this 8-bit Nintendo (or, Cleantendo) shower curtain from ThinkGeek that makes your morning routine feel more like a retro video game. Read More >>

Hanging Scrabble Lights Let You Spell Out Any Glowing Message

Scrabble has been a staple of board game night for decades, and now you can impress your friends with the perfect decor the next time you all get together to challenge each other's vocabulary. These Scrabble lights actually come all blank out of the box, allowing you to use a set of clear stickers to spell out any message you want. Read More >>

Relive the Glory Days of ASCII Art in Your Living Room

Unless you're a torrent release group, or run a popular warez site, you probably don't have much ASCII art in your life ever since JPGs took over. And that's a damn shame that can be easily remedied with this wallpaper. Read More >>