Do You Think in Words?

A question for you: when you are aware of your own consciousness – meaning your own individual scattershot thoughts, like what to make for lunch, whether to cross the street, or when it’s time to go hit the pillow – what do you hear? That is, do you “hear” your own voice in your head? Or do you hear nothing at all? Read More >>

We Are All Dead Moose, Frozen Mid-Fight in Futile Combat

Brad Webster was just showing a friend around the isolated town of Unalakleet, Alaska when they stumbled on a stark example of just how brutal nature can be — two dead moose, still locked in combat, frozen in ice. Read More >>

Forget About Camera Equipment, Invest in Yourself

When you've been blogging about photography for a while, you'll come across a lot of questions from beginners. "How did you take that photo?", sadly, isn't the top question I'm asked. Instead, people try to take shortcuts, and the first step of taking that shortcut is asking me what photography equipment I'm using. Read More >>