The Dark Web Is Disappearing 

While Tor remains something of an internet boogeyman—a misunderstood service most people think is only useful for hiring hitmen or buying drugs using cryptocurrencies—we found that many Tor sites (called onions) lie somewhere between tame and useless. New research suggests what the few extant onions that remain are headed towards extinction. Read More >>

The Deep Web is Mostly Full of Crap

The deep web — the portion of the dark web only accessible through Tor — exists to serve the needs of hackers-for-hire, hitmen, internet drug kingpins, child pornographers, and their inevitable customers. That’s the public consensus. Read More >>

Interpol is Now Training Police to Fight Crime on “The Darknet”

The arrest, trial and conviction of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht (and his sentence of life in prison) was a stark reminder that 21st century policing of the internet is a complicated task. And judging by the shitshow that was the Silk Road investigation, it’s one that the police need to get better at. Read More >>

Drugs or Anarchy? ‘Deep Web’ Documentary Defends the Silk Road 

It took less than four hours for jurors to agree that Ross Ulbricht was the man behind the persona of Silk Road kingpin Dread Pirate Roberts, responsible for running an infamous online drug empire. It takes Deep Web, a new documentary about the Silk Road trial, less than two hours to poke apart the narrative prosecutors used to put Ulbricht behind bars. Read More >>

The Silk Road Trial Set a Dangerous Legal Precedent

The Silk Road trial is over. A jury found Ross Ulbricht guilty on all seven charges, including money laundering, drug trafficking, and the "kingpin" charge. In the eyes of the Federal Court of Manhattan, Ulbricht's identity has been definitively linked to the pseudonymous digital drug bazaar runner Dread Pirate Roberts. He faces life in prison. Read More >>

High Tech: The Science and Gadgets That are Reinventing Weed

Due to the law of averages and a relatively small set of variables, there is a very high chance that somewhere on the globe there is someone vaporising butane-extracted weed concentrate in a portable vape stick, made from plants that were grown under LED lights, all of which they purchased from the Deep Web. That person is the most up-to-date cannabis consumer out there. Read More >>

Aphex Twin is Teasing His New Album on the Deep Web

It's been 13 years since Aphex Twin released his last album, Drukqs, and fans have been foaming at the mouth for the next instalment of the Richard D. James saga. On Monday morning, Aphex Twin taunted those fans in truly nerdy, fairly tantalising fashion, by pointing them to the deep web. Read More >>

Silk Road 2 Caught in Dodgy Dealing of… Tesco Vouchers?

When you hear of Silk Road, your mind probably jumps to things like drug trading and other nefarious criminal activity. But until very recently, it appeared that the most popular items on the resurrected Silk Road were not drugs or guns...they were Tesco Clubcard vouchers. Read More >>

Tor is Developing an Anonymous Instant Messaging Service

Now that we know the NSA is even spying on instant messaging services, the denizens of the deep web need a new way to chat anonymously. Of course, Tor comes to the rescue. Read More >>