Privacy Advocates Raise Alarm Over Google’s Takeover of AI Health App

DeepMind’s health app Streams is being consumed by its sister company, Google, and some privacy advocates see the move as a violation of patient trust. Read More >>

Stunning AI Breakthrough Takes Us One Step Closer to the Singularity

Remember AlphaGo, the first artificial intelligence to defeat a grandmaster at Go? Well, the program just got a major upgrade, and it can now teach itself how to dominate the game without any human intervention. But get this: In a tournament that pitted AI against AI, this juiced-up version, called AlphaGo Zero, defeated the regular AlphaGo by a whopping 100 games to 0, signifying a major advance in the field. Hear that? It’s the technological singularity inching ever closer. Read More >>

An AI Is Now the Best Player of Humanity’s Most Complicated Game

In Wuzhen, China, on Thursday, Google’s AlphaGo artificial intelligence beat the world’s best (human) Go player in their second consecutive match, making the computer program the current champion of humanity’s most complex game. Read More >>

Google’s DeepMind Was Given ‘Inappropriate’ Access to NHS Medical Data

DeepMind, Google's British-based artificial intelligence wing, has come under fire after Sky News revealed the company had been given access to medical records of 1.6 million NHS patients. Records that came bundled with personally identifiable information. Read More >>

Google Test Of AI’s Killer Instinct Shows We Should Be Very Careful

If climate change, nuclear weapons or Donald Trump don’t kill us first, there’s always artificial intelligence just waiting in the wings. It’s been a long time worry that when AI gains a certain level of autonomy it will see no use for humans or even perceive them as a threat. A new study by Google’s DeepMind lab may or may not ease those fears. Read More >>

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Google’s AlphaGo is Slaying Unsuspecting Nerds Online

Over the last few days, an unknown Go player named “Master” has won 60 of 61 online matches against some of the best players in the world. Google has now fessed-up, admitting that “Master” is actually the AlphaGo AI, and that it has been secretly playing humans in order to test an improved version. Read More >>

Google’s DeepMind Invents New Way of Synthesising Speech

The people behind Google's DeepMind machine learning experiment say they've come up with a completely new way of synthesising artificial speech, binning the traditional piecing together techniques in favour of a method that uses real waveforms to create sounds. Read More >>

Google is Making Use of its DeepMind Investment

Is there anything that Google DeepMind can’t do? It can defeat Go champions, potentially help those fighting blindness, and now it’s helping Google itself to become more environmentally friendly. Read More >>

London Eye Hospital Donates 1m Scans to Google for Important Medical Reasons

London's world-leading Moorfields eye hospital has donated a vast catalogue of personal health data to Google's AI project DeepMind, in the hope that the self-teaching computer brain may somehow come up with critical methods of identifying potential problems with people's eyesight. Read More >>

Google Taught an Ant to Play Football

DeepMind beat a world champion of Go, so now it wants to try its hand at a much more popular game. Sorta. Read More >>

Artificial Curiosity Allows This Bot to Triumph at Montezuma’s Revenge

When it first appeared in 1984, Montezuma’s Revenge was considered one of the most challenging video games to appear on a gaming console. Now, in an effort to help machines learn more efficiently, AI researchers have created an algorithm that actually motivates the hero of this classic video game in some very important ways—and it’s surprisingly effective. Read More >>

Google’s AlphaGo Will Now Compete Against World’s Best Go Player

Humanity has been given another chance to redeem itself: Google’s Go-playing computer will compete against the world’s best Go player, Ke Jie, before the year is out. Read More >>

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Google’s DeepMind Artificial Intelligence Given Access to NHS Records of 1.6 Million Patients

Google's DeepMind AI supercomputer thing is taking a break from pwning n00bs at boardgames to analyse some serious medical data, with the tech giant gaining access to the medical data of 1.6 million NHS patients. Read More >>

Chinese Engineers Want to Pit Their AI Against AlphaGo

Earlier this month, Google’s Go-playing AI wiped the floor with the game’s existing world champion. Now, a team of engineers from China plan to challenge AlphaGo with their own artificial intelligence system. Read More >>

Humans Have One Last Chance for Redemption Against Google’s DeepMind

Google’s DeepMind AI has already played four games of Go against top human Lee Sedol, and the tally is 3-1 to the machines; that's a good result for computer scientists, bad for our betting chances against Skynet. Read More >>