Extremely Relatable Dolphins Are Getting Breathalysed to Make Sure They’re Okay

By now, you probably know that humans are really screwing up the ocean. Climate change aside, we often dump oil into it, ruining the lives of whatever animals live nearby. Just imagine if someone drilled for oil right in the centre of your house and then accidentally got the toxic black sludge all over your bedroom, bathroom, car, and all of your food. Read More >>

well all be dead soon anyway
The Deepwater Horizon Movie Ironically Looks Like an Ad For BP

The trailer for Deepwater Horizon was just released—an upcoming movie about the 2010 oil rig explosion that killed eleven people and caused one of America’s worst environmental disasters. And if the finished film is anything like the trailer, I suspect it will be one giant (and perhaps unintentional) crisis management advertisement for the BP oil company. Read More >>

Dispersant Used to Fight Deepwater Horizon More Toxic to Coral Than Oil

It's almost five years since Deepwater Horizon went belly up.Research now suggests that a substance used to clear up the site of the spill is more toxic to cold water corals than the oil itself. Read More >>

MIT Develops Way to Magnetically Separate Oil from Water

After the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it seemed everyone was on the brink of discovering the definitive method for separating oil from water. Hair. Straw. Sand. A lot of suggestions were thrown out there by the happy-to-help public. Read More >>