Disney is Going to Kill Bambi’s Mum Again

It’s a new year but things are still the same when it comes to Disney’s catalogue of classic films. After a year that saw remakes of Aladdin and The Lion King become billion dollars hits, it makes sense for the trend to continue. And next on the list is Bambi. Read More >>

Stunned Fishermen Rescue a Deer Swimming 5 Miles off the U.S. Coast

In a fish tale like no other, a crew of lobstermen pulled in young deer that somehow managed to swim a whopping 5 miles (8 kilometres) from shore. Read More >>

A Deer Was Caught Gnawing on Human Remains and the End Is Nigh

Deer are generally considered one of the more benign creatures of the forest, going about their herbivorous ways in peace. But as new research shows, there’s a dark side to these ungulates. Using camera traps, forensic scientists have captured unprecedented photos of deer munching on the skeletal remains of a human carcass. Read More >>

Deer Are The Most Common Roadkill In Britain – And The A303 Is The Deadliest Road For Animals

The freedom of information act is an amazing tool, as it allows you get access to all sorts of interesting government data. Today, for instance, the government was forced to publish the statistics it holds on roadkill - animals killed on British roads. Read More >>

The Year in Encouraging News

This year sucked, didn’t it?

dead deer
Famous Deer Saved From Euthanasia Dies the Very Next Day

A small deer that was at the centre of a political tussle between New York State and New York City has died of stress after it was given a stay of execution. Read More >>

watch this
Hungry Mountain Lion Mauls Deer on a Family’s Porch

Don’t fuck with a mountain lion. Sadly, a small deer in Southern San Francisco learned that lesson the hard way when its neck was snapped on a family’s porch. Read More >>

14 Foot-Long Burmese Python Eats Not One, But Three, Deer

After performing an autopsy on a bloated Burmese python, scientists in Florida were shocked to discover the remains of three white-tailed deer. Read More >>

Why Deer Freeze in Your Headlights

With all of the news last year of the need to cull deer numbers in Britain by up to 50 per cent, it should be no surprise if you see one on our country's roads. But why do they freeze like a deer in headlights was you drive toward them? It is less a function of fear than bewilderment; simply put, it comes down to that fact that they can't see. Read More >>

Robot Deers Catch Illegal Hunters Who Shoot at Them

Though it may look like a deer, though it may move like a deer and though it may even smell like a deer... it still might just be a robotic deer that officials use to catch illegal deer hunters. Like the robot deer above, who totally looks like a normal deer but actually got a hunter who shot the robot in the neck arrested. Read More >>

I Wish These Deer Power Line Towers Were Real

Obviously this is a crazy artsy project that uses way more metal than it should, but I don't care. I would rather look at these towers—or any other artsy-fartsy tower—than any of the current abstract monsters while I'm on a road trip. [Thanks Oscar!] Read More >>