Why It Still Matters Which Music Streaming Service You Sign Up For

Take a look at the music streaming services of the moment and you’d be forgiven for not seeing any major differences: They all offer access to around 50 million tracks on demand, they all give you recommended mixes of music, they all let you sync tunes to your phone for offline listening, and so on. So does it matter which one you pick? Read More >>

Black Friday
Currys PC World Is Doing Free Deezer Subscriptions With Audio Products

We're constantly surprised that streaming service Deezer still exists, but apparently it does, and Currys PC World are giving away free subscriptions with any audio product. Read More >>

Your Favourite Music App Has Higher Quality Audio Than You Think

Chances are you’ve signed up to at least one streaming service—but are you making the most of the best-quality music on offer? A quick audit of your apps can boost both streaming and downloaded bit-rates, so you’re always assured of the highest fidelity audio flowing through your pricy headphones to your eardrums. Which means you hear more of the music and a little less of the noise that can accompany lower quality music files. Read More >>

Deezer gets CarPlay integration, but only for Premium+ and Elite users

Support for Apple’s CarPlay system has officially been added to the Deezer app, but only for paying users. Premium+ and Elite listeners will gain access to the music app’s new range of in-car features. Just make sure your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 7.1 or higher before getting your hopes up. Read More >>

Deezer Score talkSPORT Live Football Commentary

Football-loving Deezer user? The music streaming app now includes live commentary for matches from talkSPORT and, as well as a host of footy-themed podcasts. [Deezer] Read More >>

Sign ‘o the Times: Prince Removes Records From Stream Sites

Prince is removing his back-catalogue from music streaming services, with tracks vanishing from Spotify and Rdio so far. They’re still up on Google Play, Deezer and Tidal, perhaps not for long. Read More >>

How to Transfer Playlists Between Streaming Music Apps

Ditching Spotify for Rdio? Giving Tidal a try alongside Deezer? If you’ve got carefully curated playlists in one streaming service then you might be reluctant to start again from scratch with a new one, but Soundiiz lets you transfer your song lists between apps with the minimum of fuss. Read More >>

UK Album Charts Will Count Streaming Services From March

Showing the increasing importance of streaming services to the music industry, it's been announced that the UK album charts will factor in streamed plays from the likes of Deezer and Spotify from March. Read More >>