How Are Marvel’s Television Shows Going to Address Infinity War’s Devastating Ending?

The Avengers finally went up against Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and set events in motion that could change the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which means, of course, that Marvel’s television shows are going to have to address what happened in Infinity War. Right? Read More >>

How the Marvel Cinematic Universe Left Its TV Side Behind 

Next month, the Marvel Cinematic Universe celebrates a grand achievement—just a week after the release of Avengers: Infinity War, it will have been 10 years since Iron Man hit cinemas on May 2, 2008. Five years after Marvel effectively created its Cinematic Universe, the company’s TV division launched an equally bold venture: a plan to bring the movie’s universe to the small screen. Read More >>

The Defenders’ Post-Credits Scene Teases What’s Next for Punisher

When the credits finally roll on your bingewatch of The Defenders today, make sure you don’t scroll away thinking you’re quite done with the latest batch of the Netflix Marvelverse. At the very end, we get a tease of what’s on the way after the dust settles on Jess, Matt, Danny, and Luke’s adventures—something very violent. Read More >>

Here’s What All the Defenders Were Up to Before The Defenders

The Defenders debuted on Netflix yesterday, bringing together four different characters and TV shows into one giant super mega crossover. For anyone who needs a reminder of what the heck these characters have been doing, or maybe skipped Iron Fist for relatively obvious reasons, here’s a video crash course. Read More >>

The Excellent Defenders is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

It sounds like an insult to say that The Defenders is exactly what you thought it would be, but it isn’t. It’s a show that’s very aware of the expectations put upon it and the problems encountered by the other Marvel Netflix shows, and it knows how to best utilise its cast and its time. In other words, it’s great. Read More >>

Our Spoiler-Free Review of The Defenders’ First Episode

As is their tradition, Marvel and Netflix didn’t just bring a clip of their latest show to their panel. They brought the whole first episode, and we have a spoiler-free review. Short version: It’s awesome. Read More >>

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Feast Your Eyes On The First Defenders Trailer

We’ve seen Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist all individually do battle with the evil that plagues Netflix’s corners of the Marvel Universe. Now, for the first time we get a look at all four of them fighting together as the Defenders they were destined to become. Read More >>

Well, We May Have an Answer About Which Side Elektra Will Take in The Defenders

We’ve known for a while that Elektra (Elodie Young) will be making an appearance on The Defenders, but exactly what that will mean for the show has been something of a mystery. A very short teaser released by Marvel and Netflix has a bit more of an answer. Read More >>

The Creators of Daredevil Will Mastermind His Team-Up With The Defenders

The wheels on Netflix and Marvel’s crossover event The Defenders have begun to turn: Marvel has announced that the creative team behind Daredevil will steer The Defenders when it enters production later this year. Read More >>