The Military is Launching a Major Test of Unmanned Vehicles and Surveillance Drones

The British Army is carrying out a major, four-week test of 70 new technologies, “including unmanned vehicles and surveillance drones,” as part of its “Autonomous Warrior experiment,” the MIT Technology Review reported this week. Read More >>

This Feature-Length Film About Iran Destroying the US Military Freaks Me Out

My appetite for goofy propaganda is nearly endless. Old Soviet videos about capitalist sharks? Hilarious! Anti-communist cartoons from the 40s? Silly stuff! But the new movie about to hit cinemas in Iran hits a little too close for comfort. Read More >>

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Elon Musk Visits Pentagon, Possibly to Discuss ‘Flying Metal Suit’

The best “clue” for what Elon Musk was up to at his recent Pentagon meeting came from, as per usual, the man’s Twitter. In response to a CNN article musing over his mysterious visit, the SpaceX founder tweeted that it had something to do with a flying metal suit. Clearly, he’s not mad at Tony Stark comparisons. Read More >>

I Wore a £273,000 F-35 Helmet and It Blew My Mind

Let me get this out of the way: the trillion dollar F-35 fighter jet programme is an embarrassing mess. But it’s hard not to marvel at the very expensive technology’s promises. This conflict squeezed my brain this week, when the Air Force stopped by Gizmodo’s office with a $400,000/£273,506 F-35 helmet in hand. They even let me wear it. Read More >>

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Battle Ship Bridges Look Even Better Than in the Movies

Looking like some kind of delectable mash-up of Tron and The Hunt for Red October, this is actually a view inside the bridge of the guided-missile destroyer USS Roosevelt. Read More >>

Intelligence Agencies Said to Have Hacked Israeli Drone Feeds

A new report reveals that intelligence agencies from the UK and US have in the past hacked into the video feeds of Israeli drones and jets. The resulting images depict military operations around Gaza and drones that appear to carry weapons. Read More >>

The Next Big War Will Be Digital and We’re Not Ready For It

In the 21st century the familiar form of warfare in which physical damage is meted out against the opponent’s military forces and infrastructure has become only one form of attack. Instead, states are increasingly launching non-lethal attacks against an enemy’s information systems – this is the rise of information warfare. Read More >>

American Drones are Killing Islamic State Hackers Now

So-called Islamic State (IS) talks a big talk when it comes to hacking, and United States forces just showed they’re not going to put up with it. The Obama administration has announced that a drone strike has killed the organisation’s top cyber-terrorist, Junaid Hussain. At least one American leader says the rest of the IS hackers should watch their backs.< “This is a serious blow to ISIS and a swift act of justice against a top cyber jihadist and recruiter,” said Rep. Michael McCaul, chair of the House Homeland Security Committee. “The strike sends an unmistakable message to the terror group’s ranks: plot against us, even on social media, and we will find you.” Read More >>

Boeing Patented a Drone That Turns Into a Submarine — Just Like in Movies

The idea to build a plane that turns into a submarine is not new. However, the mission to build an unmanned variation of such a vehicle is rather 21st-century. Boeing actually already has a design ready. Read More >>

Russia’s Testing a ‘Microwave Gun’ That Will De-Arm Drones at Six Miles

A Russian state-owned engineering company has developed, and is now testing, a new kind of super-high-frequency gun that is said to be capable of deactivating unmanned aerial vehicles from over six miles away. Read More >>

The US Air Force Can Use an Electromagnetic Pulse to Kill Enemy Computers

One of the US Air Force’s most high-tech weapons is a tool that can’t hurt people — but it kills electronic devices. Read More >>

Slay Enemies with a Mobile Phone Stun Gun and Tactical Defence Pen

If you can’t destroy your opponents with sarcasm or a deftly executed line of code, you can at least stun them with a million volts of electricity from your mobile phone, or stab them with the pen in your pocket. At least, that’s what these actual, real-life products from True Swords promise. Read More >>

A History of Internet Spying, Part 1

In last year's documentary Citizenfour, Edward Snowden said, "I remember what the internet was like before it was being watched." Snowden is just 31 years old, so there's simply no way this is true. Intelligence agencies have been keeping tabs on the internet since before Snowden was even born. They were instrumental in creating it. Read More >>