NASA’s Plan to Fill the Sky With Red and Green Clouds Has Been Postponed

To the relief of chemtrail conspiracy theorists, NASA’s plan to create red and blue-green coloured artificial clouds was postponed yesterday morning. The clouds were expected to be visible for much of the US East Coast and surely would have left many scratching their heads. Read More >>

virtual reality
Valve’s Virtual Reality Headset is Delayed

It seemed like the amazing HTC Vive virtual reality headset would be the first to market, ahead of Sony’s Morpheus and the Oculus Rift. That’s not necessarily happening. According to a new press release, consumers probably won’t be getting their hands on Valve VR until 2016. Shame. Read More >>

Valve Kicks Steam Machine Hardware Back to 2015

Valve's PC-hardware-in-the-lounge dream has been delayed, with the famed Half-Life developer pushing back the launch of its official Steam Machine boxes and that odd controller until 2015. Read More >>

The Xbox 720 Might Be Delayed to 2014, Thanks to AMD

Apparently, AMD has been given the nod for Microsoft's next gen Xbox, but it's having difficulty spitting out the Durango's chips. According to "sources," AMD's spitting out the "Oban" chip like nobody's business, but most of the chips coming off the production line are duff. Not good for Microsoft, and serious egg-on-face for AMD if true. Read More >>

We’ll Have to Wait Until At Least July 2013 For 4G In the UK

A bit of bad news I'm afraid. Our hopes and dreams of a roll out of the sweet waves of 4G isn't likely to happen for at least a year, and it's basically Ofcom's fault, according to O2. Read More >>

Lord Sugar: Don’t Hold Your Breath For YouView

Bad news streaming fans -- those looking forward to a May launch for the "revolutionary" YouView streaming TV service will be sorely disappointed. According to Lord Sugar, it’s not in any shape to launch before the end of 2012, let alone before the Olympics. Read More >>

Samsung Comes to Its Senses and Halts Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Production to Slap a Quad-Core Chip In It

More delays face Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, but this time Android’s not to blame – Samsung’s decided that it’s just not good enough in its planned incarnation, and we’re inclined to agree. Everyone’s shoving quad-core chips in their Android tablets, so Samsung launching one with basically the same dual-core processor as its predecessor seemed a bit daft to me; thankfully Samsung now agrees. Read More >>

More Ice Cream Sandwich Delays Hit Galaxy S II Owners on Vodafone

The Samsung Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update saga rages on. This time Vodafone’s had to postpone its update by a day because Samsung took its sweet time checking it over. The good news is you should be able to grab it through Samsung Kies tomorrow, but those looking for an over-the-air update will have to wait till Tuesday next week. Read More >>

Samsung’s Using Network-Locked Galaxy S IIs as Guinea Pigs

Apparently the reason you SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S II-wielders haven’t got your tasty Ice Cream Sandwich update yet is because Samsung’s waiting to see what happens with the network operators. If they screw up first it’ll know it has a problem before it releases its own Android 4.0 update. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2s Are Late Because Ice Cream Sandwich Is a Pig to Handle

Having been announced in February and set for release before the end of March in the UK, we still haven’t seen any sign of Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 2 tablets. Apparently that’s because Ice Cream Sandwich is a bit of a hog to wrestle onto new hardware, or at least that’s what Samsung says. Read More >>

Raspberry Pi
You’ll Have to Wait Just a Tad Longer as Raspberry Pi Shipping Has Been Put on Temporary Hold

Bad news for those champing at the bit to get their mitts on the Raspberry Pi – both Element 14 and RS are waiting on CE mark certification before they ship their inventory of Pis to customers causing a further delay on orders. Read More >>

Ofcom Puts the Brakes On Everything Everywhere’s 2012 4G Rollout

Looks like Everything Everywhere’s cracking plan to rollout 4G in the UK before the end of 2012 has hit a small set back. Ofcom’s extended the response period to the proposal, meaning we’ll have to wait till after May 8th to find out whether it’ll actually be green lit and we’ll get glorious LTE this year. Read More >>

Haven’t Got Your Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich Update Yet? Samsung’s Still Testing It

Despite lucky Three users being able to update their Galaxy S IIs already, Samsung UK’s apparently still testing its Ice Cream Sandwich update. Apparently it’s “working hard” but can’t confirm exact dates for a rollout yet – you can stop hitting that “check for updates” button for a bit. Read More >>

Your Pre-Ordered New iPads Might Arrive Later Than Scheduled

Apparently Apple’s truly struggling to get its new iPad here on time; we saw pre-order delivery dates slip within days of the unveiling. Now it seems some unlucky people, who plunked down their cash before Apple started pushing things back, will be disappointed on launch day too. Read More >>

You Haven’t Got Your Slice of Raspberry Pi Yet Because the Factory Messed Up

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has come out and said that the reason for the delay in getting the mini-marvels into your hands is because the factory manufacturing them screwed up. It bunged a dud network port onto the first batch of boards. Read More >>