NASA Delays Flagship Space Telescope Mission Once Again

NASA has announced that, once again, it will be pushing back the launch date of the much-anticipated James Webb Space Telescope. Just a few months ago, NASA announced in a press release that it would push the launch back, from late 2018 to early 2019. Now, the earliest launch is May 2020. Read More >>

You’ll Have To Wait A Week Longer For Your Samsung Galaxy S8

Bad news for people as excited as I am about the upcoming Galaxy S8: it's been delayed a week. Read More >>

DJI Is Misleading Customers About Delays For Its Newest Drone

Despite DJI’s promises that shipments for its new Mavic Pro drone were underway, very few drones have made their way to customers. Last week, we wrote about the shipping delays plaguing the drone. Hours after we published our story, DJI released a statement announcing that shipping had begun. But according to customer reports and leaked company communication, only a small fraction of the highly-anticipated UAVs on backorder have shipped. Read More >>

Apple Delays AirPods 

Back in September, Apple promised us that AirPods would be released at the end of October. Well, it’s the end of October. Where the hell are our AirPods? Not in our ears, that’s for sure. Read More >>

Where the Hell Is the DJI Mavic Pro?

Last month, DJI announced its very cool new Mavic Pro drone, a tiny, foldable, super smart UAV that can do lots of cool tricks. There’s just one problem: The shipment date has come and gone, and customers who pre-ordered have no idea when they can expect to get their flying cameras. Read More >>

And the UK Airports With the Most Delays Are…

A study into punctuality by BBC News has identified the airports you’re most likely to get all riled up and fidgety and prone to sending angry tweets at, with Gatwick being named and shamed as the UK’s worst for flight delays. Read More >>

Businessmen Wee Themselves in London Train Delay Crush Shame

A series of cancellations of train services running out of London last night led to some extreme sardine-like conditions on lines taking workers home from Liverpool Street and Fenchurch Street stations, with regional operator C2C apparently suffering severe staffing problems that triggered chaos on some evening lines. Read More >>

Ryanair Forced to Pay Compensation to Delayed Passengers

The UK's Civil Aviation Authority is asking Ryanair to surrender and start paying compensation to delayed passengers, after the latest European Court of Justice ruling found that airlines are liable for last-minute technical problems that delay flights. Read More >>

Smart Travel Cards Bring By-the-Minute Refunds for Delayed Trips

A trial of a new train ticketing system is running in Essex, where travellers are refunded fractions of the price of a ticket for each minute they're delayed -- meaning we could all one day sit there cackling with joy at the coming of free money when our trains are held up due to snow/leaf incursions. Read More >>

Rail Regulator Says Train Companies are Hiding Refund Clauses — and Keeping £100m Compo Kitty to Themselves

The Office of Rail Regulation is looking into forcing train companies to be more open about their refund policies for delays and cancellations, suggesting that current rail franchises try to hide refunds terms from travellers -- saving them from paying out up to £100m in compensation. Read More >>

Crazed Ryanair Passengers Loot Drinks Trolley in Fury Over 24-Hour Delay

A nightmare Ryanair flight -- featuring an emergency stopover for medical treatment, a re-route to an alternative airport and a bus journey -- kicked off in terrifying fashion, with furious passengers said to have looted the duty free trolley and abused staff during their delay-hit ordeal. Read More >>

Stormy Weather to Cause Christmas Travel Chaos

If you're not one that enjoys visiting family and friends over the Christmas period, this may be like an early present from Mother Nature herself. Travellers are being warned that stormy weather will severely impact all forms of transport over Christmas, and that staying indoors over the next few days will be wise. Read More >>

Google Apologises for 2.6 Second Gmail Delays

Google's issued an apology and humble explanation for the tech issues that dogged Gmail for some yesterday, which varied in impact from triggering the odd error message to causing a small percentage of emails to take as long as two hours to get through. Read More >>

Ouya Late Delivery Mess Earns Early Backers Free Shop Credit

The founder of successful crowd-funded games machine Ouya has apologised to early backers, after some who threw their money into the Kickstarter pot in the early days were left frustrated when consoles hit shops before their machines arrived. Read More >>