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What Actually Happens to All Your Deleted Files?

We delete files all the time to free up space, or to get rid of pesky evidence, but the whole process is a lot more complicated than it seems from the outside. When you go to "delete" something, you're just pressing the start button on a much more involved, much more random process. So what actually happens to that data? Read More >>

60,000 Crap Apps Binned as Google Tries Some Android Quality Control

Google is believed to have pulled nearly 60,000 apps from the Play Store in February, with a huge cull of low quality and policy-infringing software presumably designed to clean things up a little in preparation this week's new Android app launch. Read More >>

Staff of China’s Biggest Search Engine Delete User Content For Cash

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Baidu, China's biggest search company, is sacking staff because they've been deleting users' posts for cash. Read More >>