Greggs and Just Eat Promise Nationwide* Delivery by Year End

Her Majesty's baked goods emporium Greggs has decided that Just Eat should be its sole and official delivery partner from now on, ending the current patchwork of local trials to declare that a nationwide delivery service should be in place by the end of 2020. Read More >>

Competition Police Open Full Probe into Amazon’s Deliveroo Investment

The Competition & Markets Authority is following through on its threat to insert a metaphorical spanner between Amazon and Deliveroo, after Amazon failed to reassure it that competition would not be stifled should its investment in Deliveroo complete. Read More >>

Beware Couriers Bearing Gifts You Don’t Remember Ordering

An exciting and quite clever modern scam has been uncovered and publicised for your awareness, one that takes advantage of the fact that we sometimes forget what we've bought online to steal products ordered in our names. Read More >>

Royal Mail to Restart Second Daily Delivery Runs

The postmen and postwomen and postpeople of the nation will soon start coming around for a second time later in the day, like they used to do in the olden days, to help cope with our modern demand for loads of exciting parcels to be delivered as soon as possible. Read More >>

Royal Mail Will Tell You Yesterday if Something’s Not Coming Today

Royal Mail is changing the way it informs people about the special kind of parcels that come with trackable shipping notifications, and is starting to tell recipients a whole day in advance when their stuff's about to arrive. Read More >>

Job of Postman Gets Worse

Imagine, for a minute, being a postman around the fringes of a city. Imagine having to find Flat 4b of 17 Meadowlands Court with some arsehole's internet shopping in your bag. It's upstairs. The stairs smell. And he's not in so you have to do a post card. Not just once, but 200 times. Every day. And guess what? It's about to get worse than that for some poor urban postpeople, as they'll soon be expected to do it all while riding and taking care of a massive bike. Read More >>

Want Amazon Orders to Arrive Before Christmas? Tomorrow’s the Last Day Delivery Will be Free

Christmas is fast approaching, and there will be people out there who haven't bought any of their presents yet. Even though it's on the same day every year there are still people who put it off until the very last minute, for reasons known only to them. Well if you plan on ordering from Amazon you'll have to pick up the pace, because tomorrow's the last day you can opt for free delivery and still get your stuff in time for Christmas. Read More >>

Delivery Robots Now Available for Stealing in the Streets of Milton Keynes

Starship Technologies says it has launched a fleet of delivery robots in Milton Keynes today, so even though it's probably limited to only half a road and worse then even Yodel or going out and buying something by yourself, we'd better try to believe it's true. Read More >>

Starship’s Delivery Robots Are Getting a Commercial Rollout

Remember Starship Technologies, the company that developed robots designed to deliver stuff to your house? They are back in the news again, and following a trial in London the company is working on rolling out its autonomous delivery bots commercially. That's right, in the very near future you might have your stuff delivered by a bot on wheels, rather than a dude on a moped. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Tests Delivery by Mini Fleet of Electric Bikes

Supermarket chain Sainsbury's has invented a new category of home delivery – the home delivery by electric cargo bike, for people who can restrain themselves to only ordering slightly less than 125kg of shopping and live within three miles of a branch. Read More >>

Greggs Can be Delivered to Your House Now

Imagine a Greggs sausage roll being stuffed through your letterbox at dinner time, because you clicked on a thing on your phone. It's 6:37pm. You are still in your pyjamas, or at least the old t-shirt and remnants of pants you call pyjamas, and food is coming remotely. Your family will not starve today. Read More >>

Unsolicited Sainsbury’s Chocolate Delivery Sickens Dogs

Some people at Sainsbury's supermarket -- in association with posh chocolate brand Green & Black's -- thought it might be nice to jointly advertise both brands by sending out free chocolate to a random selection of homes. Everyone loves free chocolate, they thought. Nothing can go wrong. We'll be heroes. Read More >>

Amazon Delivers Parcel to Entirely Safe Black Wheelie Bin

The idea of putting a delivery straight into a wheelie bin for safe keeping is mad, obviously, but there's a caveat. This happened in Birmingham, where the binmen have been on strike for ages, so perhaps it's not quite as mad as it initially seems. Read More >>

UberEATS Now Brings Posh Bread to Londoners for Breakfast

The UberEATS spinoff that brings food to people with high disposable incomes in a few cities around the world has a new thing for London -- breakfast. Breakfast is a new meal designed by scientists to stop you being so hungry at lunchtime, they say, and could be the next revolution in eating. Read More >>

Commercial Drone Delivery is Go — in Rwanda

A collection of US companies has chosen Rwanda as the first place to test a drone delivery service that's not just a PR stunt, using a combination of slingshot-launched vehicles and parachute drops to dump goods in the approximate whereabouts of the destination. Read More >>