Delivery Robots Now Available for Stealing in the Streets of Milton Keynes

Starship Technologies says it has launched a fleet of delivery robots in Milton Keynes today, so even though it's probably limited to only half a road and worse then even Yodel or going out and buying something by yourself, we'd better try to believe it's true. Read More >>

Starship’s Delivery Robots Are Getting a Commercial Rollout

Remember Starship Technologies, the company that developed robots designed to deliver stuff to your house? They are back in the news again, and following a trial in London the company is working on rolling out its autonomous delivery bots commercially. That's right, in the very near future you might have your stuff delivered by a bot on wheels, rather than a dude on a moped. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Tests Delivery by Mini Fleet of Electric Bikes

Supermarket chain Sainsbury's has invented a new category of home delivery – the home delivery by electric cargo bike, for people who can restrain themselves to only ordering slightly less than 125kg of shopping and live within three miles of a branch. Read More >>

Greggs Can be Delivered to Your House Now

Imagine a Greggs sausage roll being stuffed through your letterbox at dinner time, because you clicked on a thing on your phone. It's 6:37pm. You are still in your pyjamas, or at least the old t-shirt and remnants of pants you call pyjamas, and food is coming remotely. Your family will not starve today. Read More >>

Unsolicited Sainsbury’s Chocolate Delivery Sickens Dogs

Some people at Sainsbury's supermarket -- in association with posh chocolate brand Green & Black's -- thought it might be nice to jointly advertise both brands by sending out free chocolate to a random selection of homes. Everyone loves free chocolate, they thought. Nothing can go wrong. We'll be heroes. Read More >>

Amazon Delivers Parcel to Entirely Safe Black Wheelie Bin

The idea of putting a delivery straight into a wheelie bin for safe keeping is mad, obviously, but there's a caveat. This happened in Birmingham, where the binmen have been on strike for ages, so perhaps it's not quite as mad as it initially seems. Read More >>

UberEATS Now Brings Posh Bread to Londoners for Breakfast

The UberEATS spinoff that brings food to people with high disposable incomes in a few cities around the world has a new thing for London -- breakfast. Breakfast is a new meal designed by scientists to stop you being so hungry at lunchtime, they say, and could be the next revolution in eating. Read More >>

Commercial Drone Delivery is Go — in Rwanda

A collection of US companies has chosen Rwanda as the first place to test a drone delivery service that's not just a PR stunt, using a combination of slingshot-launched vehicles and parachute drops to dump goods in the approximate whereabouts of the destination. Read More >>

Amazon Tests In-Home Delivery Drops

How might it do this? By breaking in? Crashing a drone through a window? Ordering Jeremy Clarkson to visit with a spare set of keys? The actual answer will bore you -- the retail giant is testing a system where data from "smart" door lock providers is handed over, so Amazon delivery drivers might pop open your front door to lovingly frisbee your stuff into the hallway. There's no way that process could go wrong at all. Read More >>

Clawed Drone Can Carry Furniture and, Probably, Small Children

This is the PD6B-AW-ARM, and yes, the ARM means it has ARMS. Two arms, with grabbing claws on the end, ideal, they say, for doing harmless outdoor lifting and delivery work. Read More >>

Deliveroo Initiates End of World by Starting Booze Deliveries

Local restaurant delivery service Deliveroo is about to move into the booze sector, with a joint venture with Majestic Wines and BrewDog seeing it starting to drop off alcohol to people already too far gone to even think about walking to the shops. Read More >>

Self-Driving Takeaway Delivery Robots Have Arrived in the UK

Those cute- but slightly crude-looking delivery robots you assumed would never actually be deployed on real streets have only gone and actually been deployed on real streets. From today. In the UK too! Well, London for now, presumably because everyone's too busy posing on their fixies/unable to really see past their beards to notice street robots. Read More >>

Amazon UK Tests Selling Ice Cream and Pizzas via Prime Now

Amazon's testing some new food delivery options for a small number of those who live within the reaches of its Prime Now one-hour special service, adding a few frozen and chilled lines to its virtually instant shopping selections. Read More >>

Amazon’s Prime Now One-hour Delivery Service Opens in London

Amazon's bringing its one-hour Prime Now delivery service to the UK, or at least to London. Some parts of London. Anyway, a few people in the right places may now be able to order all their internet stuff and have it delivered within an hour. It'll still come from a human in and van and not a drone, though. Read More >>

South London “Rat Plague” Stopping Royal Mail Deliveries

The Royal Mail has ordered it's posties not to deliver to certain addresses in London Road, Streatham, due to an apparent plague of rats and filth making it too unhealthy to risk walking down. Read More >>