Deliveroo Reveals Profit Margins, Suggesting it’s Not for Sale

Last week we heard news that Deliveroo was a hot commodity in the food delivery business. As it turned out both Amazon and Uber had inquired about purchasing the company, with reports claiming Deliveroo asked for $4 billion - significantly higher than its $2 billion valuation. This week, however, Deliveroo has hit back at concerns its business model isn't viable, or that it's looking to sell itself to a larger company, by revealing its own financial margins. Read More >>

Amazon and Uber Both Want to Get Their Hands on Deliveroo

Deliveroo has become a powerhouse in the food delivery game, with a valuation of around $2 billion. Needless to say this has meant there's been some interest from larger entities that will want to get in on the lucrative business of having KFC or Wagamama delivered straight to customers' homes.  Word is that both Uber and Amazon have expressed interest in acquiring the company for themselves. Read More >>

Get Food Delivered While Queuing For Your iPhone XS on Friday

If you're hoping to pick up an iPhone XS or an iPhone XS Max on Friday, chances are you're going to find yourself queuing outside a shop for a considerable amount of time. Well, Deliveroo wants to help keep you well-fed while you're in a queue: it's just announced it will be delivering food to hungry bellies outside Apple shops on Friday. Read More >>

MP Asks Deliveroo to Guarantee Riders a Living Wage, Deliveroo Says No

The battle between gig economy companies and those who would like to see more guaranteed rights for its workers rages, and doesn't look like it'll be ending anytime soon. Labour MP Frank Field has called on food delivery company Deliveroo to guarantee its riders the National Living/Minimum Wage (£7.83 an hour). Deliveroo has turned round and said no, it won't be doing that. Read More >>

Deliveroo Will Now Partner With Restaurants That Already Have Their Own Delivery People

Deliveroo has been great from a certain perspective, since it allows restaurants without their own delivery network to offer their menu to customer who don't want to leave the house. Likewise for some customers it means you can order that 1,000 calorie burger from Burger King without having to put on trousers to pick it up yourself. But what about the places that already have delivery people? Well Deliveroo has just announced they can join in too. Read More >>

Deliveroo Still Pays Rubbish Wages, But its OK Because They Saved Nearly 1,400 Tonnes of CO2 Last Year

There are a lot of reasons to dislike the way Deliveroo does things, particularly since it relies on zero-hour contracts and legal loopholes to avoid offering statutory benefits and guaranteeing its couriers minimum wage. But it's all ok, because the company has announced its way of doing things saved 1,384 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. Read More >>

Deliveroo’s New Insurance Gives Staff Some Things Proper Employees Take For Granted

Gig economy workers like Deliveroo have spent a lot of time deflecting criticism about how it classifies the people that work for them. They're self-employed, according to the companies themselves, and because they work for themselves head office isn't responsible for the kinds of things they'd get if the staff were classified as workers or employees. Read More >>

Deliveroo Just Announced a £6 ‘Lunchbox’ Service in London

Just like how Facebook wants to be in charge of pretty much every online service and Amazon wants to be the only place you need to shop online, Deliveroo really wants to be the only place you ever go to to get yourself food. So it'a hardly a surprise that it's launched a new lunchtime service to deliver meal deals and save you a trip to Tesco Express. Read More >>

Parliamentary Groups Want to Guarantee More Rights for Gig Economy Workers

The gig economy has been growing massively over the past few years, with the likes of Uber, Deliveroo, and others gaining popularity. There's always been the issue of workers' rights however. Gig economy platforms insist that its staff are self-employed contractors and not entitled to the benefits they'd get if they were classified as workers. Now two parliamentary groups have called on the government to put a stop to this. Read More >>

Deliveroo’s Launching a Subscription-Like Service That Scraps the Delivery Charge

These days you can get just about everything delivered to your house, and services like Deliveroo and Uber Eats have made avoiding cooking easier than every before. But every time you get a Nandos or a McDonald's delivered to your house, you have to pay a delivery charge. Deliveroo is putting a stop to that, in a way, by scrapping delivery charges for customers who pay £8 a month. Read More >>

Deliveroo Celebrates Fry-Day by Giving Away Free Chips

Who doesn't love free food? I know I don't. If you're like me, you should be ecstatic to hear that Deliveroo is giving away free chips until midnight tonight. Read More >>

UberEats Arrives in Second UK City: Manchester

UberEats, the cab app's answer to Deliveroo, has arrived in Manchester - its second UK city after London, and its third global city called Manchester (it's already in Manchesters New Hampshire and Connecticut). Read More >>

Deliveroo Initiates End of World by Starting Booze Deliveries

Local restaurant delivery service Deliveroo is about to move into the booze sector, with a joint venture with Majestic Wines and BrewDog seeing it starting to drop off alcohol to people already too far gone to even think about walking to the shops. Read More >>

Deliveroo Will Deliver your Cheeky Nando’s on an Electric Bike

Want to get a Cheeky Nandos with the #lads, but don't want to leave the sofa? Now you can! Read More >>