M&S Teams Up With Deliveroo So You Can Get Still Get All of Your Essentials

Deliveroo has announced that you can now get your groceries delivered with no delivery charge if you order from M&S Simply Food at BP. Read More >>

Deliveroo Riders Will Once Again Become Moving Missing Person Signs

Back in 2018, food delivery company Deliveroo decided to turn its army of riders into moving missing person posters, putting the pictures and details of people missing in the local area on the side of its distinctive backpacks. Read More >>

Costa Coffee’s New Ruby Cocoa Hot Chocolate Comes With the Chance to Win an Actual Ruby

If you were thinking of ordering one to post to your Instagram account, you now have an added incentive. The downside is that the promo is for Deliveroo orders only. Read More >>

Competition Police Open Full Probe into Amazon’s Deliveroo Investment

The Competition & Markets Authority is following through on its threat to insert a metaphorical spanner between Amazon and Deliveroo, after Amazon failed to reassure it that competition would not be stifled should its investment in Deliveroo complete. Read More >>

Deliveroo Is Giving Away Free Bacon Sarnies at a Dedicated ‘Rash Point’

Deliveroo has opened a pop-up bacon sandwich ATM in central London that the marketing team should've spent more time naming. Read More >>

Amazon’s Deliveroo Investment Could be Blocked by the UK Competition Police

The Competition and Markets Authority has sent a big long list of difficult questions to Amazon for it to get someone important to answer, as it prepares to perhaps launch an official investigation into the shopping king's investment in food delivery newcomer Deliveroo. Read More >>

Deliveroo Unveils Its First Ever Christmas Ad Campaign Raising Money for Midwives

Deliveroo is donating money from every order made in December to support midwives in the UK. Read More >>

Deliveroo Gets Record Complaints Over Another Ad Because Common Sense No Longer Exists

Deliveroo just can't catch a break, with another ad banned, and a spokesperson is more than happy to make fun of you for reporting it. Read More >>

Deliveroo Jumps on the Fancy Christmas Bauble Bandwagon With Food-Shaped Ornaments

Last year Subway made a few headlines by launching special Christmas Baubles filled with some of the chain's sandwich sauces. Then Just Eat released baubles that were literal onion bhajis, because that's not gross at all. This year Deliveroo is jumping on that bandwagon, but without the edible part. Read More >>

Deliveroo Invents the Takeaway If You’re Up for a Walk

Deliveroo was invented after I stopped living in a city so I don't really get the appeal of having a lukewarm restaurant meal delivered in unappealing foil tray format, but, apparently, it's all the rage! To such an extent that Deliveroo has expanded into the "click and collect" sector with its new Pickup service; widening the choice of lukewarm meals in trays, but meaning you have to go and get it yourself. Read More >>

Lazy Modern People Can Have Pre-Carved Pumpkins Delivered

People lazy enough to have all their food delivered still vaguely warm and ready to cram into their mouths in gaps between heaving sobs may now skip another tedious part of modern life, as food-bringer Deliveroo is to sell a small number of ready-carved pumpkins – helping people who can't be bothered to at least look like they were, at some point in the recent past, a little bit bothered. Read More >>

Deliveroo is Keeping Gamers Fed at Arena Clash Next Week With an Emergency Burrito Button

Deliveroo is bringing free burritos to Arena Clash next week which you can summon with the great big emergency burrito button. Read More >>

An Old Deliveroo Ad Has Been Pulled for Suggesting It Delivers Anywhere – Even to the Depths of Space

Despite the massively over-the-top and surreal scenarios played out in the advert, a bunch of absolute nincompoops took it upon themselves to complain about it, labelling it as misleading. Read More >>

Deliveroo is Handing out Free Ice Cream to Cool Down London Commuters on the Hottest Day of the Year

Tomorrow is set to be the hottest day of the year, and Deliveroo is doing its bit to help you survive with free ice cream. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Elbows Its Way Into the World of Pizza Delivery With Deliveroo

Deliveroo and Sainsbury's are joining forces for a two-month trial that will see the supermarket be the first in the UK to offer piping hot takeaway deliveries. Read More >>