Couple Claims They Ordered Pizza on UberEats But Received… Oh My God What Is That?!

For all I know, Uber’s food delivery service UberEats is a perfectly fine method of ordering food. But the stomach-turning product that a Canadian couple claims showed up at their door instead of pizza ensures that I’ll be thinking twice about placing an order. Read More >>

Postman Banned From Street Over Water Pistol Standoff

It must be a bit stressful being a postman these days, what with the job now being all about carrying Amazon packages up four flights of stairs to the unresponsive man in flat 17h who never comes to the door in case he misses something happening on the internet, but even so. This is a bit much. Read More >>

McDonald’s Will Test Home Deliveries This Summer

McDonald's, the Burger chain that would prefer to be called a restaurant, is preparing to jump on the home delivery bandwagon (or bike) this summer, with its UK boss saying he's in the process of issuing the orders to get a Big Mac through the letterbox system up and running. Read More >>

UPS Showcases New Delivery Drone, Fucks It All Up

Everybody knows by now that the delivery drone ambitions of companies like FedEx and UPS amount to marketing stunts. But what happens when those stunts don’t go quite as planned? UPS knows because it recently crashed a delivery drone in front of a bunch of reporters. Read More >>

Forget Drones: Meet The Robot That Could Be The Future of Deliveries

Right now on Mars, NASA’s Curiosity Rover is busy surveying the planet’s surface, capturing photos of another world and ultimately trying to help us understand our place in the universe. Meanwhile, closer to home in Greenwich, there’s another robot that is trying to answer an equally complicated question: What’s for dinner? Read More >>

Amazon Prime Now Delivers to (a Bit of) Scotland

Amazon Prime members in Glasgow are the latest beneficiaries of the shopping giant's superfast delivery service, with Prime Now one-hour service slots now available across the city. Read More >>

UberEats Now Delivering Sandwiches to Lazy Londoners

Uber's food delivering pivot thing has launched in London today, promising to deliver a selection of foods from around 150 restaurants to those living in certain central-ish city post codes. Read More >>

This is How Drones Will Deliver Blood and Drugs in Rwanda 

Forget your Amazon package arriving beneath a drone: In Rwanda this summer, urgent deliveries of blood and drugs will be dropped by drones to help save lives. Read More >>

Here’s Google’s Delivery Drone Delivering Things

Amazon isn’t the only company that’s serious about delivering you stuff via the medium of drone: Google’s skunkworks X division has been working on ‘Project Wing’ for a few years now, and the research is starting to bear fruit. Read More >>

Forget Drones, Amazon is Testing Old-School Bikes for Speedy Delivery

After teasing us with the possibilities of delivery by drones, then bringing us back to Earth with delivery by taxis, Amazon has now resorted to perhaps the most obvious and time-tested method of getting something somewhere fast in a big city: bikes. Read More >>

Google and Barnes & Noble are Taking on Amazon at Book Delivery

Google and Barnes & Noble share a common rival in Amazon — and now they're teaming up to take it on. From today, the duo will be offering a same-day book shipping service in select areas of the US. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Boosted With Two-Day EU-Wide Delivery Promise

Retailers who stock their products outside of the UK can now get it to us within two days, thanks to Amazon implementing a two-day delivery promise across Europe. Imagine a crappy Android tablet getting from Portugal to here, in two days! Read More >>

Amazon is Begging to Push Drone Tests Beyond Regulations

Amazon has started begging the Federal Aviation Administration to let it start testing drones in its own backyard, according to a letter that was made public Thursday. Read More >>

It’s Surprisingly Useful to Get a 12-Fact Recap About Amazon

Last Sunday Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon was doing early R&D on delivery drones. And whether it was a legitimate revelation or more of a marketing ploy, the idea of Amazon drones burrowed quickly and deeply into the cultural consciousness. Read More >>