Delta CEO Calls Boeing 737 Max Problems a ‘One Off’ Despite Two Deadly Crashes on Other Airlines

Delta has never flown the Boeing 737 Max plane, which has been grounded worldwide in the wake of two crashes that killed 346 people in Ethiopia and Indonesia. But Delta still wants to assure people that Boeing’s problems aren’t a big deal, judging by the discussion that Delta CEO Ed Bastian had at the Code Conference in the US state of Arizona on Tuesday. Read More >>

A Drone Company Allegedly Brought a Bomb on a Commercial Flight and Fired an Employee for Reporting It

Today in absolutely bonkers allegations, a recently filed lawsuit claims American drone maker AeroVironment transported explosives on a commercial flight and then attempted to cover it up by firing an employee for reporting the incident to the US government. Read More >>

Delta Is Making Travellers Promise Their Emotional Support Animals Will Behave

According to Delta’s upcoming new requirements for service and emotional support animals, only Very Good Girls and Boys are allowed. Read More >>

US Airlines Decide All Your Checked Smart Luggage Must Become Real Dumb, Battery-Free Luggage

Leading U.S. airlines have all agreed that all your expensive smart luggage is dumb luggage now, CNN reported on Wednesday. Carriers including American, Delta, and Alaska are requiring customers remove lithium-based batteries from the bags and carry them personally before stowing them in their aircraft, citing the risk that the batteries could start a fire that burns through other luggage—with one big problem being that the batteries in many smart luggage lines are non-removable. Read More >>

Recreating Commodore 64 Tunes on These Tiny Synths Requires Blazing Fast Fingers

Using three of Teenage Engineering’s tiny Pocket Operators all playing at the same time, YouTuber tubesockor masterfully performs a near perfect recreation of the soundtrack to Delta, a legendary Commodore 64 game that dates back to 1987. Read More >>

Hacker Says URL Trick Grants Access Other People’s Boarding Passes

A BuzzFeed intern and New York University senior recently claimed to have hacked Delta Airline's paperless boarding pass system by changing just one digit in a URL. "On Delta, you can change the URL of your boarding pass and get someone else's boarding pass," Dani Grant wrote in a post. "Even if they're on a different airline." This seems crazy. Read More >>

Delta Airlines Now Serves Craft Beer to Help You Forget How Awful it Is

Anytime you go careering through the air in a giant metal tube full of strangers and recirculated air, you're probably not going to have a great time. So to help ease the pain and/or lack of personal space, this week, much-maligned US airliner Delta will start serving beer that doesn't taste like poison wrought in hell. Progress! Read More >>

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The 12 Best Airline Safety Videos, Reviewed

New sassy in flight safety video: A liveaction musical number. It's still heads and shoulders above most airlines, but is it the best? Read More >>

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Where Does My Bag Go When I Check-In For a Flight?

Ever wondered how your bag gets from check-in to the plane and then back out to baggage claim as you jet around the world? Watch this awesome video of a bag checking in at Atlanta, shooting round the conveyors, getting hurled about, hopping aboard a plane and landing ready-for-collection in New York. Read More >>