Watch This Giant Medway Power Station Chimney Getting Blown Up

The 244m Grain A Power Station's massive chimney is no more. The chimney, which was built in 1979 and has been a prominent feature on the Kent skyline is the latest victim of the demolition of the entire power station, which closed in 2012. Read More >>

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Watch 116 Excavators Demolish a Massive Overpass in Just One Night

Finding 116 excavators to demolish an ageing 24-year-old overpass in just one night is all but impossible — unless you live in China. Read More >>

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Worst Demolition Team Screws Up Same Explosion Twice

How hard can it be to blow up a building? My childhood experience with knocking over waist-high towers of cardboard blocks leads me to say "not hard," but this botched job by a demolition team in Sevastopol suggests otherwise. I mean, come on guys. Read More >>

Steel From the Demolished Bay Bridge Will Be Reborn as Public Art

With the shiny new span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge complete, California is now in the throes of a second, parallel construction project—or deconstruction project, really. The old Bay Bridge span, some 58,000 tonnes of steel and 245,000 tonnes of concrete, must come down. This week, officials decided that some of the bridge's steel will be set aside for public art in the Bay Area. Read More >>

Glasgow Will Demolish its Tallest Buildings Live on International TV

When the Commonwealth Games come to Glasgow this July, the city wants to put its best foot forward. The city thus has plans to blow up the Red Road flats, an infamous and now largely abandoned housing project, as part of its opening ceremony. A growing backlash, however, asks whether dynamiting the Red Road flats should really be turned into a celebration. Read More >>

Germany is Relocating Entire Towns to Excavate More Sweet, Sweet Coal

Most of us think of Germany as one of the most energy-progressive countries in the world. But in recent years, it's also increased its dependence on a form of energy that's anything but clean: coal. The country is demolishing, or relocating, entire towns to get at it. Read More >>

Behold, One of the Biggest-Controlled Skyscraper Demolitions Ever

It took more than 900 kilos of explosives to bring down this 32-storey tower in Frankfurt yesterday—roughly the same amount as a Mark 84 bomb. Thank the lord we live in the age of YouTube, because the videos are astounding. Read More >>

A Crew Demolished The Wrong House Two Different Times

Look, we all know how it is. You're at work, but your mind is somewhere else. It happens. You can't be too hard on yourself if work is boring and things on your phone are interesting. That's just how it is. Ideally your lack of attention wouldn't result in the wrongful demolition of two houses, but you're only human, right? Read More >>

Out With the Old: 10 Mesmerising Demolition GIFs

We tend to think of demolition as destructive: dynamite, dust, and plenty of fireworks. But as a New York Times article recently described, demolition in dense cities is, more and more often, a "stealth" operation, where a building is dismantled over a number of weeks. Read More >>

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Watch China’s Longest-Ever Raised Motorway Demolition Fall Like Dominoes

Given the fevered pace of China's infrastructure development, 16 years is ancient. That's why the two-lane concrete Zhuan-yang viaduct running through the town of Wuhan, Hubei in central China had to go — a bigger and better six-lane freeway was in the works. But to demolish the original roadway without harming the surrounding homes, engineers smothered the blast under a blanket. Read More >>

Skyscraper demolition
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Whoa, This Floor-by-Floor Demolition of a Skyscraper Is Amazingly Peaceful

When buildings grow past their prime, they usually reach their demolition fate — a cobbled, dusty mess — through dynamite explosion. It's a crashing spectacle of destruction; loud, angry and ruthless. But maybe it doesn't have to be like that. Maybe it can be subtle, quiet, and peaceful. Maybe it can be a strategic floor-by-floor demolition like the skyscraper in the video above. Read More >>

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Watch This Immense Housing Structure Explode on Google Earth

Glasgow's Red Road tower block housing complex was constructed by the Glasgow Housing Associating (GHA) between 1964 and 1969, with the intention of providing a modern housing community for a whopping 5000 residents. Read More >>

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Best Way to Demolish a House: Drive a Tank Straight Through It

The owners of a 150 year-old house in Kasota, Minnesota decided that when it came time to tear it down, they weren't going to use boring conventional methods. They were going to use a friggin military tank. Those Americans! Read More >>

Pakistan Plans to Demolish Bin Laden’s Compound — With RPG’s

Osama Bin Laden may have gone out with a whimper but his secret lair in Abbottabad will soon be going out with a bang. A rocket-propelled bang, that is. Read More >>

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I Never Expected a Bridge Demolition Would Look Like This

Don't expect a big explosion. This time lapse video shows how to demolish a video with finesse and patience, over night. Read More >>