Infamous BitTorrent Tracker Demonoid Resurrected to Fill Your Computer With Malware

Long-running Bittorrent tracker Demonoid appeared to be attempting another relaunch this week, although it's almost certain the return was a scam designed to trick people into visiting a malicious site to fill their computers with malware. Read More >>

Demonoid Part III: Return Of the Tracker

Back in April, Demonoid vanished from the internet in the face of a well-coordinated DDos attack and server raid. Looks like it's gonna take more than just a disgruntled US government to take down one of the internet's favourite torrent sites though. Read More >>

Anonymous Declares War on Ukraine Over Demonoid Gift-Wrap Shutdown

Ukraine's government is currently feeling the wrath of Anonymous, after it decided it'd be a great idea to take out one of the biggest torrent trackers as a present for the US. OpDemonoid is Anonymous' way of saying, haven't you learnt anything, Ukraine? Read More >>

The Internet Archive Has Just Become a Big Torrent Tracker

The Internet Archive's mission is to preserve the internet, to provide "universal access to all knowledge". Now that also includes torrents, because it's simply a better way of distributing large amounts of information. Well over a million torrents are being seeded by the Archive, including a whole bunch of free movies, with loads being added every hour. Read More >>

Pirate Bay Competitor Demonoid Taken Out as a Present For the US

Last week, one of the largest torrent websites, Demonoid, was taken down in a flurry of DDoS attacks and ended up serving malware to visitors. The site can now rest easy from any attacks, but visitors will have to look elsewhere for torrents, as the Ukrainian authorities have shut the site down as a gift to the U.S. to show that the country takes copyright infringement seriously. Read More >>

Pirate Bay Competitor, Demonoid, Killed by DDoS and Now Serving Up Malware

Long-running piracy portal Demonoid was taken out by a DDoS attack last week, with the site now back online in some form -- but seemingly hacked and serving up malware-ridden adverts to some. Read More >>