New Robot Taxi Ad Highlights the Real Benefits of Driverless Cars

Self-driving cars are coming to a street near you. And their earliest customers might not be harried tech-savvy millennials in big cities, but rather their grandparents out on the farm. Read More >>

Nintendo and DeNA “Preparing Announcement” of Mobile Games

Nintendo fans might be about to see their dreams fulfilled/ruined* very soon, with the president of mobile developer DeNA confirming that plans to reveal their work on original Nintendo IP for the smartphone market are underway. Read More >>

Nintendo and DeNA Planning Five-IP Assault on Mobile

The partnership between Nintendo and F2P expert DeNA will start to bear fruit later this year, as the first of the long awaited Nintendo franchises hits iOS and Android. And there's more in the pipeline too, with DeNA's boss saying there are five separate IPs being reworked for smartphone. Read More >>

Handheld Heaven: Why Nintendo Needs to Leave the Candy Crush Clones Alone (But Won’t)

We really like our gaming at Giz UK, even though we’re not very good, so decided to start a series where we have a relaxed natter about what we’ve been playing and the main gaming stories that have grabbed us each week. Think of it as a slow-burn conversation with a hip flask round a campfire rather than shots of pure gaming zeitgeist – we, like many of you, play at our own place. Read More >>

Nintendo is Making Smartphone Games and a New Next-Gen Console

Well, don't act all surprised -- ever since Nintendo began slipping in the home console race against Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation, you knew this day was coming. Nintendo's properties have always been well suited to portable play, and it's now finally bitten the bullet and announced that it will be developing games for smartphones. Read More >>