Google Cast for Audio: Can Google’s AirPlay Answer be More Open?

The newly announced Google Cast for Audio gives Chromecast-like audio streaming powers to Wi-Fi-enabled speakers and soundbars. It basically sounds like Google's version of AirPlay. Does that mean it's going to suffer from AirPlay's unfortunate drawbacks? Read More >>

Denon’s Newest Headphones: More Bass For Your Buck

Denon is avoiding all the CES madness by revealing a whole bevy of new headphones this week, for two of its most popular lines. And they're all significantly cheaper than the models announced last year, by at least £60. Read More >>

Here’s Denon’s Razer-Inspired Urban Raver Headphones, Complete With LED Urban Styling

Looks like Denon has taken a just a little bit of inspiration from Razer with their brand new duo of headphones, that look like, well, a Razer gaming mouse got lucky with a pair of Denon headphones around nine months ago. And well, out popped non-identical twins with LEDs and Urban Raver branding too. Read More >>

Get Your DJ Kicks On With Denon’s New MC2000 DJ Controller

Bedroom DJ's, embarrassing dads or those looking into getting into a bit of mixing and scratching can try flexing their hands with Denon's new MC2000 DJ controller that looks the part and won't entirely break the bank either. Read More >>

Live Like a High Roller With Real Mahogany On Your Headphones

Audiophiles rejoice -- Denon's fancy new flagship AH-D7100 headphones are made of real mahogany so you can feel the warm touch and acoustics of real wood on your ears, all while listening to the sweet vibes of their "free edge nano fibre" drivers; if you can stomach the £1000 price tag, that is. Read More >>