What If the Entire World’s Population Lived in One City?

Here’s a thought exercise that starts getting kind of gross the deeper you dive into it: what if the entire world’s population lived in one city? Read More >>

This Plan to Turn Stockholm Into a City Full of Sky Ways Looks Incredible

We know that cities will need to get taller and denser in the next few decades. Yet it’s not easy to convince residents to build skyscrapers. This Swedish proposal for Stockholm’s downtown incorporates light, greenery, and public space into its tall buildings. It makes density look beautiful. Read More >>

Google and Microsoft are Mapping Favelas So They Can Sell Things There

The twisting sidewalks and dizzying density of Brazil's favelas might deter most outsiders from navigating these crowded inner-city neighbourhoods, which informally house about 1.5 million of the country's residents. Yet in the last few months, both Google and Microsoft have both been seen mapping their narrow streets and dirt paths. Read More >>

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Could Apple Be Looking at Doubling the iPhone’s Pixel Count?

Whispers out of China, where the next iPhone 5S/6's screen is currently being produced, seem to indicate that Apple's planning to keep a 4-inch screen on the next iPhone, but double its pixel count in response to the insane PPIs the likes of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 come packing with their colossal 1080p screens. Read More >>

The Most Crowded Part of the Whole World Fits in This One Small Circle

East Asia is a crowded place. The crazy-cramped architecture of locales like Hong Kong gives you an idea. But this image posted to Reddit by valeriepieris puts that population consolidation in a whole new light. And for the most part, it seems pretty accurate. Read More >>

Japanese Boffins Have Created a Staggering 651ppi Smartphone Display

Only a few short days after LG revealed its 440ppi mobile display there's a new winner in the pixel density world, with one Japanese display developer claiming it's managed to build a 651ppi resolution screen. Read More >>

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Your Next Party Trick: Turn Water into Whiskey

Filmmaker Casey Neistat shows a neat trick that can turn a shot full of water into a shot filled with whiskey all through... magic? Sleight of hand? Devil's work? Destiny? No. DENSITY. Read More >>