A Man’s Dentures Got Stuck in His Throat During Surgery, Leaving Him Bleeding for Weeks

Here’s a story that’ll haunt you into your golden years. Doctors say their elderly patient endured a nightmarish week of his throat bleeding out and weeks more of surgeries and hospital care, all because surgeons had forgotten to remove his dentures – dentures that then became lodged in his throat. Read More >>

The Waterpik ‘Flossing Toothbrush’ Is Being Recalled Because It Might Set Your Bathroom on Fire

A freshly debuted $200 (£152) toothbrush that promises to both brush and floss your teeth is heating up bathrooms for all the wrong reasons. This month, the electric toothbrush and water flosser company Water Pik announced a voluntary recall of all units of its Sonic-Fusion toothbrushes over claims that some of the products have shot off sparks and partially melted while being charged. In at least one case, the toothbrush caused a fire. Read More >>

One Reason Alcohol May Give You Bad Breath 

The perils of drinking too much alcohol run deep—even if there’s still an ongoing debate as to how much is too much. A new study published Monday in Microbiome suggests one of those perils is a mouth filled with potentially harmful bacteria. Read More >>

Your Super-Sensitive Toothpaste May Not Save Your Teeth From the Brutality of Brushing 

The toothpaste aisle, like so much of life, is filled with plenty of claims that seem too good to be true. One of these false promises, a recent study in Scientific Reports suggests, might be that toothpaste can stop our teeth from eroding. Read More >>

Oral-B’s Connected Toothbrush is so Smart it’s Stupid, But Mainly Smart

Oral-B is seriously ballsy. The toothbrush maker is hell-bent on changing our attitudes to oral hygiene, bringing forcing the words ‘smart’ and toothbrush’ together, as well as ‘dentist’ and 'gamify’. Sorry, but there’s absolutely no way you’ll get me to associate THE DRILL with fun. Read More >>