Report: Yale Dental Students, Staff Took Selfie With Severed Heads

Dental school grad students and a University of Connecticut orthodontics professor took a selfie “with two severed heads used for medical research at a training workshop at Yale University” in 2017, the Associated Press reported on Monday. Read More >>

Man Develops Rare Neurological Disorder From Denture Paste

In a bizarre case in the UK, a 62-year-old man developed a severe neurological disorder, and doctors learned it probably had something to with his dentures. Or at least, with the stuff keeping them in place. Read More >>

Diver Getting His Teeth Cleaned By Fish Is Viscerally Upsetting

Hey buddo, I get it. Going to the dentist is no fun and fish need to eat. It’s logical—symbiotic even. And fish aren’t going to chastise you about cavities, or drinking too much coffee, or not flossing. And they won’t try to talk to you about classic cars while inside your mouth (looking at you, Dr. Gershon). Read More >>

Wait, Does Dental Floss Even Work?

From a very young age, it’s drilled into us that we need to floss daily to prevent gum disease and cavities. But as a recent investigation by the Associated Press reveals, the benefits of dental floss are largely unproven. Read More >>

You Might Never Need Another Root Canal With This New Kind of Filling

There’s lots of fun things you could be doing this weekend, barring unexpected misfortune—like needing an emergency root canal. It’s arguably the most dreaded dental procedure, but if a promising new type of filling pans out, no one need ever suffer through this often-painful process again. Read More >>

Details of 14,000-Year-Old Dentistry Make Me Want to Cry

Dentists are scary. Even in the most modern medical scenario, it is undeniably horrifying for someone to stick sharp objects in your mouth. Imagine what it was like in the Stone Age. Actually, you don’t have to because a team of scientists just found the earliest example of dentistry, and it’s absolutely horrifying. Read More >>

Bloodletting and Bone Brushes: The White-Knuckle Days of Early Dentistry

With all those gleaming, stainless-steel tools readied for painful prodding, few people look forward to visiting the dentist. But modern dentistry is a walk in the park compared with archaic methods of treating oral maladies: Be glad you're not seeking treatment for mysterious "tooth worms" or using dentures filled with the syphilitic teeth of dead soldiers. Read More >>

No More Tooth Fillings With This Self-Healing Dentistry Treatment

The terrifying whirr of the tooth drill may be one sound you'll hear less of when you visit the dentist of the future. Researchers at King's College London are pioneering a new alternative to traditional fillings -- a pain-free treatment that does away with drills and injections entirely. Read More >>

Dentists May Start Covering Teeth in Growth-Stimulating Diamond Dust

Looks like there's a new candidate for most awesome supermaterial in town. Dentists may soon start fighting bone loss by covering our teeth in itty bitty nanodiamonds, making repairing teeth quicker, cheaper, and much less painful. Read More >>

Who Wants a Tooth That Tells Your Doctor When You Drink or Smoke?

That's the idea behind a new Bluetooth-ready fake tooth that works as an oral sensory system. Your mouth makes unique motions when it does everything from eating and drinking to smoking and speaking, and this device uses a tiny accelerometer to record those movements. After detecting the signature motion going on inside your mouth, the electro-tooth sends the data up to your doctor who will probably soon scold you for all of your bad, unhealthy habits. Read More >>

Teeth Grown from Gum Cells May Make Dentures Obsolete

A team of British researchers have successfully grown a tooth from human gum tissue — which might make false teeth a thing of the past. Read More >>

Your Spit Might Tell Dentists If You Have Cancer

Dentists (a.k.a. we're real doctors, I promise!) might soon be your first line of defense against cancer through something called salivanomics—meaning analysing your spit to see if you have diseases. Read More >>

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Nerf Guns Provide the Cutest Way to Pull Your Tooth

ideos of semi-terrified kids having their teeth yanked by others in crazy ways are a dime a dozen. That's why we love this fearless and adorable kid who yanks his own tooth with a Nerf bow. Nice technique, baller kid! [via Wimp] Read More >>