Scientists Demo Tooth-Rebuilding Drug to End Misery of Fillings

Ending the "misery of fillings" is a perennial medical thing that is promised but never happens, but... some people think it might be about to happen for real this time, thanks to miniature sponges and dentine. Read More >>

Dentists Say Your Office Birthday Doughnut Blowout Should Stop

Dentists and other people worried about the oral health of the nation are targeting one small remaining pocket of fun many of us have -- workplace snacks. In case you didn't know, ordering the 144 deluxe Krispy Kreme deluxe doughnut box because it's someone's birthday is the new worst thing for everyone's teeth and health. Read More >>

Rogue Up-Growing Tooth Removed From Man’s Nose

Here's a not in the slightest bit funny story. A 22-year-old man visited the doctor to see why he'd been suffering persistent nosebleeds for a few years. The answer was a bit weird. He had a spare tooth growing up, out of his mouth and into his nostrils. Read More >>

How Lab Coats Became a Dying Breed

Lab coats: they're white, mostly plain, boxy. Functional, and ultimately sartorially boring. But ask any doctor or lab tech about their lab coat and they will chat up a storm. Often about how they can't wait to ditch them—if they haven't already. Read More >>