Desolenator Uses the Sun to Purify Seawater

A worthy new crowdfunding project is taking on the ambitious job of solving the clean water crisis that affects large parts of the globe, claiming to use nothing more than the energy of the sun to purify dirty and salt water. Read More >>

A Water-Cooled Chip That Concentrates the Sun to Desalinate Water

Anyone who's dropped a mobile in the bath knows that water and microelectronics don't usually mix well. But at IBM's Swiss lab in Zurich, marrying the two is becoming almost commonplace: microprocessors with water coursing through microchannels carved deep inside them are already crunching data in SuperMUC, an IBM supercomputer - with the heat that the water carries away used to warm nearby buildings. Read More >>

Making Saltwater Drinkable is Graphene’s Latest Miracle

All signs point towards graphene being the supermaterial that pushes humanity into the future we've been dreaming of. From impossibly fast transistors to curing foot odor, there's seemingly no limit to Graphene's potential. Converting saltwater to potable water in the most efficient manner possible is just its latest party trick. Read More >>