These Incredible Clocks Were Built by a Single Designer Over 35 Years

In the 1980s, as giant technology companies competed to create electronics that arrived in the most compact, grey boxes possible, a young designer named Daniel Weil was doing the exact opposite: eviscerating the electronic guts of gadgets, from radios to clocks, exposing them to the consumer the most elegant way imaginable. And 35 years later, he's still at it. Read More >>

The Troubling History Behind the Best Design of the Year

Every year, London's Design Museum chooses a single object, building, or piece of software and calls it the best-designed object of the year. It's always fun to see what they choose: last year it was a simple but brilliant government website. But this year's winner, a cultural centre in Azerbaijan, raises more questions than it answers. Read More >>

London’s Old Design Museum Building Sold to Architecture Studio

London's Design Museum is moving to a new location from 2014, meaning its current site on the Thames is no longer needed. It'll still be a place to hang out looking at cool things, though, as the building will be transformed into a showcase space for Zaha Hadid Architects. Read More >>

Win Free Tickets to Cast Your Vote In the Design Museum’s People’s Choice Award

The panel of esteemed judges cast their votes for the Design Museum's Designs of the Year back in April, but as the annual exhibition reaches its final few weeks, Gizmodo UK's been roped in to tell you -- yes, you! -- to get down to London's southbank museum to help pick the Visitor's Vote winner. If you didn't think the website was worthy of being this year's winner, here's how you can have your say (and win one of five pairs of free tickets). Read More >>

Why Our Simple Gov.UK Website Was Named the Best Design of the Year

When was the last time you tried to find a government form on the Internet? For me, it was a few months back, trying to track down an absentee ballot. I was amazed at the labyrinth of independent sites I had to visit before I found what I was looking for. Bringing the web presence of an entire government under one roof is a Sisyphean task, and the UK is one of the only countries that's managed to do it, with, a one-stop-web-shop that launched earlier this year. Read More >>

The 7 Best Designs of the Year

The Design Museum's Designs of the Year awards showcase the most innovative and imaginative designs from around the world, over the past year, spanning seven categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Furniture, Graphics, Transport and Product. Here are the winners for each category, just announced today. Read More >>

Some of Our Favourites From the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year Exhibition

On show from this week, the Design Museum's Designs of the Year 2013 features some of the more creative creations across the fields of architecture, digital, furniture, graphics, product, transport and fashion; nominated by a roll-call of judges (including Griff Rhys Jones). Many of the 90 products and architectural feats we've covered in the past, but here below are some of my personal highlights: Read More >>

Raspberry Pi
Genius With a Raspberry Pi? You Might Want to Enter This

The Raspberry Pi truly is a mini-marvel, and it's ignited hackers everywhere -- people can make almost anything with it, including sending the thing into space. In fact, it's gotten so mainstream that even the Design Museum is holding Pi-hacking competitions. Read More >>

Why the London Tube Map Has Been Turned Into a Working Radio

When Harry Beck designed the iconic London Tube map in 1931, he was partly inspired by circuit board schematics. He even sketched an "All Electric" spoof diagram of the network before working on the final draft. Read More >>

ipad apps of the week
Mad Magazine, The Masters, and More

This week's best iPad apps bring beautiful things to you. Though you might not be able to travel to great distances or through time, you can still check out the catalog from the London Design Museum, see how the Titanic was built, and stay up-to-date with the Masters, all from your tablet. Read More >>