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It’s Not a Spoiler to Say These Last Jedi Posters Are Spectacular

With reviews for Star Wars: The Last Jedi out now (including ours), it’s understandable if fans are nervous about spoilers. We totally get it. But this story right here is a safe zone. It’s just some gorgeous, fan-made posters for The Last Jedi to get you excited for the film. No more, no less. Read More >>

This Temporary Tattoo Is Made From Living Cells

It’s a little more high-tech than the tattoos you might remember from your school days. Read More >>

Who Wouldn’t Want a Stocking Made Out of an Ikea Bag?

Ikea bags have been around for a long time, but has anyone been looking at one and gone, "You know what? I should make a Christmas stocking out of that"? Most of you probably have not, but at least one person has. I know that because they're inexplicably a thing now. Read More >>

Can We Talk About Kickstarter’s New Squishy, Podgy Blob?

Kickstarter revealed the Amorphous Blob responsible for eating its old logo eight days ago. Eight! And hardly anybody has noticed. Read More >>

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Watch a Blacksmith Turn Old Batteries Into a Beautifully-Detailed Knife

If you don’t have access to a proper recycling facility, a talented blacksmith who goes by shurap on YouTube has found another way to recycle old batteries by turning them into a gorgeous Damascus-steel knife that also uses a recycled torch for its handle. Read More >>

Formula 1 Has a Font Now

The end of this year's F1 season saw the racing business launch itself a new logo, or a whole new "brand identity" as we should probably say, as F1 now has its own selection of fonts for writing about it in. Read More >>

This Brilliant Peelable Paint Is a Screen Protector For Every Surface In Your Home

If you’re as protective of your gadgets as I am, you’ve probably got a screen protector ready to apply to your new phone as soon as you’ve taken it out of the box. But how do you protect all the other surfaces in your home you don’t want getting dinged and dented? You cover it with this perfectly clear screen protector paint. Read More >>

Croydon’s Getting a Skyscraper All of its Own

This weird tower here will soon be poking up into the clouds of Croydon, with the design of the One Lansdowne Road site now signed off by the mayor and the planners. Read More >>

An Inside Look at Legoland Windsor’s Model-Making Division

Everyone here knows about Lego, and knows just how much it can do. Whether you want to build a small house with a few dozen pieces, or an actual house with a few million, there's a lot you can do. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the Legoland theme parks. As you'd hope, almost everything in the park is Lego-themed, and with that theme comes a whole host of models and statues built almost entirely out of actual Lego pieces. Read More >>

Microsoft Just Worked Out How to Make the Headphone Jack Fit in Half the Normal Space

When Apple, Google, and others removed the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack from their phones, we were told it's all about ushering in the digital future of music and connectivity. It was also to save space, since the 3.5mm port is quite a bulky component, relative to everything else. Apple needed space for its haptic sensors, and Google claims it needed the room to pave way for the bezel free phones of the future. Read More >>

Targus Work + Play Fitness Backpack Review: The Kind of Bag That Should Come With an Instruction Manual

Work/life balance is an in thing these days, and for good reason. It's not healthy to obsess over work 24 hours a day, but at the same time you can't pay your bills if you're at home playing Mario Kart all the time. While the concept of the 'work bag' is pretty common, but Targus's new £65 Work + Play Fitness Backpack is, as the name suggests, designed to cover all the bases. Read More >>

RIP Robert Blakeley, Designer of the Fallout Shelter Sign

Designer Robert W. Blakeley isn’t a household name, but every American has seen his work. No, he wasn’t employed by Coca-Cola or Ford or Disney, but instead worked for the US government. Blakeley’s most famous design? He came up with the yellow and black fallout shelter sign. Sadly, he died last week at the age of 95. Read More >>

This 1935 Car of the Future Had Huge Spheres Instead of Wheels

Between flying cars and three-wheeled cars, the period between World War I and World War II had some interesting ideas for the future of automobiles. But this one may have been the weirdest. Who needs wheels when you’ve got gigantic rolling spheres? Read More >>

Clever 3D-Printed Widget Turns a Balloon Into a Flower Vase

How often do you actually get flowers and need a vase to put them in? On your birthday, maybe? When a family member passes? So why bother storing a rarely-used fancy vase when this clever 3D-printable plastic widget turns a party balloon into a decent place to keep a few flowers alive? Read More >>

This Special Edition of Fahrenheit 451 Can Only Be Read When It’s Heated

Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 tells the story of a dystopian future where books have been outlawed and are destroyed by firemen who set them ablaze. But in an ironic twist, Super Terrain, a publisher in France, has created a new edition of Bradbury’s classic that actually requires extreme heat in order to be read. Read More >>