An Aspiring Rocketeer Built This 3D-Printed, Underwater Jetpack

Taking to the skies with a rocket strapped to your back is still a dangerous idea, despite how Hollywood typically portrays the stunt. So a product design student at Loughborough University created a safer way to fly—under water—with a jetpack that can propel a swimmer at speeds of up to eight miles per hour. Read More >>

Mansion from Blade Runner and House on Haunted Hill Goes Up For Sale in Los Angeles

One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous mansions, known as the Ennis House, is up for sale in east Los Angeles in the US state of California. And even if you don’t know the house, you certainly know the movies that the famous building has appeared in, including Blade Runner (1982), The House on Haunted Hill (1959) and The Replacement Killers (1998). The 6,000 square foot house can be yours for the low price of just $23 million (£17 million). Read More >>

Lego’s ‘Building Buddies’ Competition Could Put Your Lego Creation in the Lego Movie 2’s Credits

How would you like to be part of the Lego Movie's upcoming sequel? Good, because Lego is giving people the chance to build and submit their own Lego designs for the chance to be part of the film's end credits. Not the film itself, that would take too long, just a picture in the credits. But that's better than not being in the credits, right? Read More >>

This Clever Wheelchair Redesign Lets Riders Steer By Simply Leaning to the Side

The convenience of never having to recharge a manually-powered wheelchair is often outweighed by the fact that riders must use both arms to steer it. Carrying something like a smartphone at the same time is a big challenge, so a Swiss design student was inspired to design a better wheelchair that allows riders to steer by leaning their bodies. Read More >>

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This Entire Stadium Can Run On Car Batteries

Last Friday, the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam was descended upon by a frothy, screaming crowd of thousands, absolutely champing at the bit to see the new car battery tech that had just been installed inside. Read More >>

How To Build A Brand New Airport – Without Heathrow’s Baggage

Last night, Parliament finally made a decision that had been put off for decades. It voted that, at long last, that Heathrow Airport would be getting a third runway. Read More >>

The Lego Store Tested a New Machine That Will Print Custom Minifigures

If you've been into a Lego store any time over the past several years you'll know that there are booths that let you build your own minifigures. You rummage around in a box of pieces, put three of them together, and you can pop them into a box to make it look like you purchased them for real. It's nice, but limited to pieces and designs Lego mass produces. That may not be the case in future if a new trial runs smoothly, though. Read More >>

The Top 7 Gadgets Shaped Like a Cube

Amazon’s announcement for its new Fire TV Cube on Thursday was a great reminder that the cube just doesn’t get enough love in gadget design. Cubes are solid as hell. They’re elegant, simple, functional, and memorable. They beg the question: “What’s in the box?” As a reminder of all that and more, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite cube gadgets from the past. Read More >>

Obsolete Devon Phone Box Finds New Life as a Miniature Night Club

Phone boxes are basically redundant these days, which is why BT has been trying to find new and interesting things to make them useful in the age of the smartphone. Adding Wi-Fi, internet connections, and all that stuff that might stop drunk people using them as toilets. That's when it's not handing them over to the local community to do with them as they see fit. Kingsbridge in Devon is one such community, and turned their recently adopted phone box into a mini night club. Read More >>

The Future Is Knit: Why the Ancient Art of Knitting Is High-Tech Again

When you think about knitting, you might picture grandmas clicking big wooden needles or something wintery, like a snow-covered lodge. But knitting is everywhere, producing just about everything you put against your skin each day, from socks and t-shirts to hoodies and beanies. And thousands of years after it was first invented, new kinds of knitting are poised to fundamentally change how we think about these “basics,” making our bodies more connected than ever to the computerised world we live in. Read More >>

Give the Finger to Jony Ive With a Case That Makes Your iPhone X Look Like the Original

It’s easy to look back on the original iPhone 2G with reverence. It revolutionised the mobile phone industry, and paved the way for our lives to be taken over by mobile apps. And for the three of you who yearn for a modern smartphone wrapped in 2007 design aesthetics, Spigen’s created an iPhone X case that will make your device look like Apple’s original game changer. Read More >>

Microsoft Kinect Refuses to Die

Kinect was never for you. Yeah, you with the Xbox One that was bundled with a Kinect. That big honking spatial camera was an impressive piece of tech, but it never did you much good as a console add-on did it? Read More >>

Japanese PM Made to Eat Pudding From a Shoe

A posh chef had an interesting idea for a thing to do at a high-profile diplomatic dinner – serve a selection of post-dinner sweets in a shoe. Not just any shoe, but an aluminium cast brogue. How clever. Hence a photo of Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe doing quite a believable smile with a shoe in front of him on the dinner table. Read More >>

These Giant Scrolls Are the Hellish User Agreements You Probably Should Have Read (But Didn’t)

Made up of colourful scrolls cascading down a wall, artist Dima Yarovinsky’s installation “I Agree” is beautiful—at face value. If you read the fine print, however, you’ll learn that it’s a statement against our blind compliance with tech giants. Read More >>

This Cheap Painting Technique Turns Walls Into Giant Touch Sensors

The walls of your house keep the roof up, give your family some privacy, and maybe provide a place to hang some art. But researchers at Disney and Carnegie Mellon University have come up with a way for walls to do more. A cheap paint treatment turns them into giant sensors, creating new ways to interact with a smart home by just walking around in it. Read More >>