Don’t Do This 

This morning I received a press email with the subject line “A water bottle designed for Women in Tech.” Does it provide optimal hydration for women about to ascend the glass cliff? Will it induce hyponatremia when your male colleague passes off your idea as his own during the team meeting? Does it include an easy button that allows you to remotely report sexual harassment to HR? Read More >>

Hands on With Nimuno Loops Toy Block Tape (aka ‘Lego Tape’)

Back in March the world seemed to be taken by storm by a novel concept: Nimuno Loops Toy Block Tape which is compatible with Lego and other similar (lesser) products. A lot of people pledged money to the Indiegogo campaign, including me. My order just arrived, so let's take a look at just how effective this stuff actually is. Read More >>

Washing Machine Redesign Could Help Save the World

The reason you need to ask for help when wheeling a new washing machine home from the shops is that there's a huge lump of concrete in there to weigh it down so it doesn't drill through the earth's crust on a spin cycle. This extra weight contributes to carbon-spewing during the delivery process, so let's take it out, says a team from Nottingham Trent University. Read More >>

raspberry pi
Bored of the Bulky Raspberry Pi 3? Well Now There’s a Slimmer Version. Sort Of

Every tech company out there is hell bent on making thin gadgets, whether they're phones, tablets, consoles, or whatever. With the Raspberry Pi Zero not offering as much as its big brother,the Pi 3, one hacker, known as N O D E, took it upon himself to fix the issue. So he slimmed down the Pi 3 to produce the Raspberry Pi 3 Slim. Read More >>

Building a Molten Metal Squirt Gun Is the Worst Way to Stay Cool This Summer

Shortly after the Super Soaker was first released in 1990, it became surrounded with controversy about hooligans allegedly filling the toy with harmful chemicals. But if that sounds dangerous, just imagine how local news stations would freak out over a squirt gun that blasts molten liquid metal. Read More >>

What Could You Do With A Third Thumb (Other Than Scare Small Children)?

Having a second pair of hands would be handy, if somewhat disturbing. So why go overboard with additional limbs when you might be able to get by with an extra digit? Designer Dani Clode's "Third Thumb" prosthetic could be exactly what you need, if you want to say, play your guitar in new and exciting ways or, uh, increase your popularity with the opposite sex. Read More >>

Jurassic Park is So Much More Unnerving When the Dinosaurs are From That Godawful ’90s Sitcom

Yes. The genius illustrator Jen Lewis has taken the two pinnacles of dinosaur entertainment — Jurassic Park and that disturbing ‘90s sitcom about prehistoric suburban dino-puppets — and combined their DNA to create something both wonderful and terrifying. Life truly has found a way! Read More >>

Belfast’s Titanic Hotel Prepares for September Launch

The Titanic-ification of Belfast is set to reach new heights later this summer, with the opening of the Titanic Hotel in the Titanic Quarter of where they made the Titanic -- a luxury development based in the former offices of ship designer Harland & Wolff. Read More >>

In a Rare Moment of Self-Doubt, Steve Jobs Wanted a Back Button on the iPhone

Steve Jobs was legendary for knowing what he wanted and leaning on his designers until he got it. But according to a new book on the history of the iPhone, he insisted that it should have a back button. After one of his people presented a good argument for the distinctive single home button, he backed down. Read More >>

Fancy Chair Maker Herman Miller is Making Creepy Software Now

Do you ever sit down at your desk and wonder why the elevated surface doesn’t have more sensors to record and analyse data about your movements and habits? Well, wonder no more, my ergonomically-minded friend. Herman Miller, the manufacturer behind the Aeron chair, has invented a solution to the problem you never knew existed. Read More >>

The Stranger Things Soundtrack Cassette Contains Potentially Lethal Amounts of ’80s Nostalgia

Stranger Things already has multiple soundtrack albums pressed on fancy coloured vinyl, packaged with all the extras you’d expect. But if you’re looking to experience the sounds of the Netflix hit via a slightly more nostalgic and obscure format, a cassette version will soon be available too. Read More >>

New Stamps Celebrate Existence of Stamps

The Royal Mail has released some stamps to celebrate stamps themselves, putting images of stamps on stamps and possibly creating the sort of delivery paradox wormhole into which Yodel and Hermes packages routinely disappear. Read More >>

This May Be The Best Art Ever Made To Hang In Your Bathroom

Wait, you don't know about the three seashells? It's a reference to the 1993 film Demolition Man. Observe. Read More >>

The Best Scene in Batman Begins Comes to Life in an Impressive Group Art Show

Hundreds of bats fly to Batman’s aid as he valiantly tries to save his love from a deadly poison. The two escape in a rooftop Batmobile car chase and the rest is history. This moment from Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins is a moment I never want to forget. And now, thanks to a new art show, I’ll never have to. Read More >>