In a Rare Moment of Self-Doubt, Steve Jobs Wanted a Back Button on the iPhone

Steve Jobs was legendary for knowing what he wanted and leaning on his designers until he got it. But according to a new book on the history of the iPhone, he insisted that it should have a back button. After one of his people presented a good argument for the distinctive single home button, he backed down. Read More >>

Fancy Chair Maker Herman Miller is Making Creepy Software Now

Do you ever sit down at your desk and wonder why the elevated surface doesn’t have more sensors to record and analyse data about your movements and habits? Well, wonder no more, my ergonomically-minded friend. Herman Miller, the manufacturer behind the Aeron chair, has invented a solution to the problem you never knew existed. Read More >>

The Stranger Things Soundtrack Cassette Contains Potentially Lethal Amounts of ’80s Nostalgia

Stranger Things already has multiple soundtrack albums pressed on fancy coloured vinyl, packaged with all the extras you’d expect. But if you’re looking to experience the sounds of the Netflix hit via a slightly more nostalgic and obscure format, a cassette version will soon be available too. Read More >>

New Stamps Celebrate Existence of Stamps

The Royal Mail has released some stamps to celebrate stamps themselves, putting images of stamps on stamps and possibly creating the sort of delivery paradox wormhole into which Yodel and Hermes packages routinely disappear. Read More >>

This May Be The Best Art Ever Made To Hang In Your Bathroom

Wait, you don't know about the three seashells? It's a reference to the 1993 film Demolition Man. Observe. Read More >>

The Best Scene in Batman Begins Comes to Life in an Impressive Group Art Show

Hundreds of bats fly to Batman’s aid as he valiantly tries to save his love from a deadly poison. The two escape in a rooftop Batmobile car chase and the rest is history. This moment from Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins is a moment I never want to forget. And now, thanks to a new art show, I’ll never have to. Read More >>

Sir Jony Ive Has Scored Himself A Part-Time Job

Sir Jony Ive, Apple designer extraordinaire and man whose pencil is responsible for the iMac and iPhone, has netted himself a new job! Don't worry though, he's not leaving Apple, this new gig is an unpaid position as Chancellor of the Royal College of Art. Read More >>

UnReal Estate Brings Popular Culture Locations To Life Through Art

The places that characters frequent in movies or TV often become characters themselves. Homes, hideouts, workplaces, these locations can often be as important to your love of something as the fictional people who dwell in them. Read More >>

Crayola is Introducing a Brand New Shade of Blue

Back in March Crayola announced that it was ditching the long-lasting Dandelion Yellow crayon in favour of something else. Over the weekend that new colour was revealed to be a brand new shade of blue. It's just like that bloody dress all over again. Read More >>

Nothing Is More Romantic Than Snuggling on a Star Wars Dewback Sofa

Setting the mood for a night in usually involves dim lighting, soft music, and a comfy place for a couple to cosy up. Unless you and your loved one both happen to be Star Wars fans, in which case glowing lightsabers, John Williams’ Imperial March, and a loveseat shaped like a Dewback lizard are more appropriate Read More >>

Bridgestone’s Airless Tires Will Soon Let Cyclists Abandon Their Bike Pumps

First revealed way back in 2011, Bridgestone’s airless tires use a series of rigid plastic resin spokes to help a wheel keep its shape as it rolls, instead of an inflatable inner tube that can puncture and leak. Military vehicles and ATVs have been some of the first vehicles to adopt the unorthodox design, but Bridgestone will soon be making a version of its airless tires for use on bicycles. Read More >>

Flat Owners Try to Block Tate Modern’s Viewing Platform

Five people living in the Neo Bankside development in London are taking the Tate Modern gallery to court, in an attempt to stop tourists and locals hanging around on the viewing platform and gawping in through the large glass windows of their modern flats. Read More >>

French Designers Want £1,700 for an Ikea Bag

This blue thing here is the Balenciaga Arena tote, a posh leather bag for rich people to keep iPhones, drugs and tiny dogs in. The crazy news is that it costs around £1,700 and seems to be based on the classic 40p Ikea Frakta holdall. Read More >>

Rule the Playground With a Chainsaw-Powered Tricycle

As a kid, you probably came up with a lot of terrible ideas your parents wisely stopped you from carrying out; that’s why you’re alive today. But once grownup, you’re free to try anything that pops into your mind, like upgrading a toddler-sized tricycle so that it’s powered by an old chainsaw. Read More >>

Some Beautiful Nerd Built a Motorised, Rotating Monitor Stand to Save His Neck

Ultra-wide monitors are great for watching movies, viewing photos, or playing video games, but terrible for reading web pages and long documents. That’s why many of them can be rotated—but why waste all that energy turning a screen when you can build an impossibly nerdy, over-engineered monitor stand to do it for you? Read More >>