This Special Edition of Fahrenheit 451 Can Only Be Read When It’s Heated

Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 tells the story of a dystopian future where books have been outlawed and are destroyed by firemen who set them ablaze. But in an ironic twist, Super Terrain, a publisher in France, has created a new edition of Bradbury’s classic that actually requires extreme heat in order to be read. Read More >>

This Insane Gremlins Poster Has 84 Different References On It – Can You Guess Them All?

When Randall picked up Gizmo from the antique store in Gremlins, obviously the Mogwai was the standout selection. That may not be the case, however, for this Gremlins poster, which turns that store into a pop culture cornucopia. Read More >>

Ikea’s Iconic Carrier Bag Gets a Makeover

The blue IKEA Frakta carrier bag is an iconic part of the Swedish furniture store's line-up. It's a Good Bag, and one of the most recognisable things in the world. Even Balenciaga made one (for £1,700). As part of a new set of Scandy furniture, the Frakta has been redesigned in a few different colours and transformed into the Ypperlig. Read More >>

How Are These Masterfully-Engineered Pop-Up Books Even Possible?

You’ve probably never given much thought to the design of a pop-up birthday card after first opening it, but you will after watching this compilation of Peter Dahmen’s creations. He somehow manages to turn sheets of paper into intricately engineered architectural masterpieces. Read More >>

Amazon’s Cambridge Office Has the World’s Saddest Mini Golf Course

Silicon Valley quirkiness is about to arrive in Cambridge, with Amazon preparing to open a new office there for around 400 people. The tech giant is so proud of its quirky internals it's invited locals in to have a look ahead of the grand opening. Read More >>

Osaka Gets its First Makerspace

Osaka's first self-styled makerspace is open for business, joining FabLab and the electronics workshops of DenDen Town as part of Osaka's maker landscape. Makerspaces and hackspaces around the world provide tools and space for members to work on their own projects. The emergence of these spaces form part of a larger maker movement focused on empowering people to repair existing items and build creatively. Read More >>

Police Force’s New DIY Logo Gets a Kicking

Poor old Lincolnshire Police thought it did a good thing in saving public money by whizzing up a new logo in-house at the cost of a few hundred quid, instead of paying some idiots in London with the expensive new Macs £50,000 to do it. But no, everyone thinks the DIY text-based logo with its random blue swoosh is a terrible creation. Read More >>

Latest Dennis the Menace Makeover Turns Him into a Generic Pixar Teen

It's time for the previous generation to get angry about minor tweaks to something they stopped giving a toss about 30 years ago, as the makers of the Beano have revealed a massive reworking of lead bad boy Dennis the Menace. Read More >>

These are Keys, For a Keyboard

These matching Shishi and Orochi keys are direct replacements for the boringregular keycaps of any board that uses Cherry MX switches — if you're a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, or even a frequent typist, you'll definitely know what I'm talking about here. If you're theming your keyboard in the first place, you want to put in some effort, right? That's why they're hand-painted, too. Read More >>

This Steampunk Jetpack Looks Convincing Enough To Work

While work continues on real jetpacks, a world of artistic possibilities remains open to talented tinkerers. Take Patrick Laschette, who managed to take a bunch of disparate parts and combine them into this sweet-looking steampunk jetpack. Read More >>

Remote Mountain Hideaway Hosts James Bond Creativity Fun Park

007 ELEMENTS is the name of a new artistic James Bond experience, one that requires visitors to first get to a Bond villain-style hideout built on the summit of the Gaislachkogl Mountain. Read More >>

Gin Wong, LA Architect Who Inspired The Jetsons, Dies at 94

You may not know the name Gin D. Wong, but you definitely know his work. He’s responsible for some of the most iconic buildings in Los Angeles, including the Theme Building at the Los Angeles Airport (pictured above), and he even inspired the designers of the legendary 1962 animated TV show The Jetsons. Wong died on September 1st at the age of 94. Read More >>

This Steampunk Raspberry Pi Doubles as a Retro Gaming Console

You can stuff your Raspberry Pi into just about anything, but if you want to draw eyes and solicit comments from visitors or, you know, generally geek out, you could carve up a steampunk-themed enclosure, complete with glowing lights, gears and ornate markings. Like uh, this one. Read More >>

Classic Ladybird Books are This Month’s Very Interesting New Stamps

The Ladybird books -- the proper old ones not the ironic/funny new ones -- are on the stamps of the UK now, as the Royal Mail's latest set immortalises some of the nation's favourite old illustrated books. Read More >>

Expanding Clothing for Kids Just Won the UK James Dyson Award

One of the worst parts about being a parent (I assume, anyway) is the fact that kids grow out of their clothes almost immediately. You can buy two sizes too big to give them time to grow, but wouldn't it be great if the clothes grew with them? That sort of thinking just won one person the UK edition of the James Dyson awards. Read More >>