HTC is Kim Jong-Un’s Manufacturer of Choice

HTC's quarterly profits are in, and it's bad news all round -- a 91 per cent slump. All that could be about to change, though, as HTC's just received the celebrity endorsement every smartphone manufacturer dreams of. Yes, an HTC phone is the go-to device of the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Sexiest Man of the Year and all-round badass horse-rider, Kim Jong-un. Read More >>

HTC Revives Desire Range With Mid-Level Desire X

The venerable HTC Desire was one of our favourite devices when it first launched over two years ago, and how quickly these two years have passed. With Samsung taking top drawer of the Android pile with their fantastic Galaxy range, HTC whittled down their offerings, after dishing out smartphone after smartphone, to the alternative and simple One range, which is a fantastic set of phones. But after a long time gap, HTC has decided to revive the Desire name and is introducing the HTC Desire X to the world. Read More >>

HTC Blabs Its Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade Dates

Good news Sensation users – by the end of March you should have a tasty new version of Android running on your phones if you’re hold a Sensation or Sensation XE, with the XL following “soon thereafter”. HTC Evo 3D, Incredible S, Desire S and Desire HD will all get Android 4.0 too, but “later this year”. Read More >>