Can You Cure Bad Posture?

Posture is not a rigid concept. It represents something more fluid with considerable range for change. Despite this, it is often oversimplified, rightly or wrongly, as being “good” or “bad”. Read More >>

Spock’s Home Office Would Include This USS Enterprise Desk and Chair

Adam Savage recently built his own flawless replica of Kirk’s captain’s chair, but the talented designers behind Super-Fan Builds have taken that idea to the next level by turning the entire USS Enterprise into a glowing computer desk and office chair that looks ready to hit warp nine. Read More >>

This Desk Set Makes Your Workspace Look Like Italy

Wait, did you just put your pencil in the Pantheon? And... are you using the Colosseum to hold erasers? You bet — because this lovely desk set is modelled on fine Italian monuments. Read More >>

This Is a Work Station Fit For an Emperor

This, as you might be able to tell, is no normal desk set-up. Designed to provide the ultimate in both comfort and productivity, we introduce to you the MWE Lab Emperor 1510 LX work station — and if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can't afford it. Read More >>

This Little Critter Literally Chews the Ends of Your Pencils

No desk is complete without your own little pencil-munching beaver. This chrome-plated beauty from Rodrigo Torress, through Alessi, is both an exquisite paperweight and novelty pencil sharpener. Clever little £37 beasty. [Alessi] Read More >>

What Do You Think Of Standing Desks?

I'm really of two minds about standing desks. On the one hand ugh. I don't wanna. Too perky, too enthusiastic and soooo much, you know, standing. On the other hand we Brits are not a healthy bunch. We need to pull it together. And all this driving, cubicle-sitting and blogging is not helping us get going. So maybe it's for the best? Read More >>

This Portable Desk Is Packed With Power to Keep You Working Anywhere

For people that find themselves working literally in the middle of nowhere, a suitable spot to set up office can be a problem, let alone finding power to keep things running. But the KANZ Field Power Desk offers a solution: it's a portable workstation that comes packed with power to keep your devices running. Read More >>

A Tape Dispenser You’ll Wish Was Drivable

It would probably be really fun to drive a steamroller. But you have to have a special license for those vehicles, and this awesome tape dispenser looks just like one, so you know, next best thing. Read More >>

The La Boite Audio Desk Makes Your Average Laptop Stand Look Like a Cheap Toy

Furniture that's also tech seems to be all the rage at the moment, what with Ikea's TV-come-shelf thing. How about a desk-like laptop stand that packs Parisian style with some serious high-end audio punch? Read More >>

Scientific Proof That Men Have the Dirtiest Desks

Sometimes its hard to keep your desk clean and tidy. Turns out, men seem to find it a bigger problem, because a recent study suggests that men have far, far dirtier desks than women. Read More >>

How Many Monitors Is Too Many?

At Giz, many of us are fans of the multi-monitor set-up. It's not surprising: it lets us simultaneously keep an eye on breaking news, email, our writing and graphics, too. But is there a limit to how useful multiple monitors can be? Read More >>