Blackpool Beach as a Scene from Bladerunner, as Imagined By Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Artists

What's your average seaside scene? Buckets, spades, sandcastles, donkey rides and a 99 Mr Whippy Flake? Sure! Classic! What about being sat in the shadows of Blackpool Tower in a refugee camp, polygonal skyscrapers looming above you while something like a Hunter Killer chopper from Terminator swoops overhead? Read More >>

windows 8
Windows 8.1 Mouse Problem Is Busting Up Gamers’ Frag Counts

The Windows 8.1 problem may have addressed many of the problems users had when delving into Microsoft's tile-filled operating system, but it seems it's also created a whole new batch of issues that are causing headaches for gamers in particular. Read More >>

Newspaper Mistakes Game Tech From Deus Ex for Real Medical Implants

Whoever wrote this article on tech implants for The Sun paper got a bit carried away with the Google search results, somehow managing to mistake fictional company Sarif Industries from Deus Ex for a real firm. Read More >>

The World at War on Blu-Ray Is Your World-War-II-In-Eye-Bleeding-Detail Deal of the Day

There’s a whole host of gaming-flavoured offers for you to peruse today, but we’re putting them all together in the listy bit that comes underneath this bit. For today, we deal not in gaming fantasy but actual reality. Read More >>

A Samsung Galaxy Note Is Your “Because Size Really Does Matter” Deal of the Day

Are you addicted to Draw Something? It’s great isn’t it, but sometimes the quality of the pictures that you’ve drawn with your fingertip might make your fellow players think that you’re living in a secure hospital. Worry no longer. Read More >>

A 7-Inch ICS-Packing Android Tablet For Under £120 Is Your Cheapo I-Don’t-Need-No-Stinking-iPad Deal of the Day

The tablet revolution is well underway, and it won’t be long before we’re all saying things like: “Is that your tablet or my tablet?” and “Oh, I appear to have sat on your tablet and broke it. Here – have my spare one”. Read More >>

A Year’s Data For Just £10 on Your PS Vita Is Your Sneaky-Fiddler Deal of the Day

Okay, so you’ve been out and bought your PS Vita and now you’re wondering how you can get access to cheap data, right? Look, just pretend you are, okay? Humour us for crying out loud. Read More >>