EFF Flounces Out of iOS Over “Outrageous” Developer Demands

The online rights campaigners at the Electronic Frontier Foundation have decided against releasing their app on iOS, after complaining that Apple's developer restrictions contain "outrageous terms" and they can't agree to the DRM specifications. Read More >>

Apple Is Rejecting Apps That Use Dropbox Functionality

PandoDaily reports that developers are complaining about the fact that third-party apps which use Dropbox's software development kit to integrate document storage are being rejected by Apple. Read More >>

Apple Was Working On Porting OS X to ARM Processors

Apple seems to be doing very well with its own processors. But a recently published academic paper reveals that Apple was, at one point, attempting to port its operating system to work with ARM processors. Read More >>

The Tablet That Every Linux Lover Has Been Waiting For

While most people just want their devices to work so that they can do stuff, some people love tinkering with operating systems. Until now, the tablet sector's been ripe for hacking, but there hasn't been anything that's truly open-source and easy to fiddle with from the get-go. This Spark tablet puts that straight. Read More >>

Developer: iPhone 5 to Support NFC-Payments

According to a “well-connected” developer who’s currently working on an NFC-payment enabled app for iOS, Apple’s “heavy into NFC” for the iPhone 5. Read More >>

Nokia 900
Nokia Lumia 900 Shown Off In Pulled Developer Promo Video

Ooops, looks like Nokia's let slip that it's got another Windows Phone up its sleeve, and it looks like the rumoured Ace -- perhaps its true flagship. The video was quickly pulled, but not before someone made a copy. Read More >>

Apple Kicks Developer That Found Security Flaw Out of iOS Dev Program

After demonstrating that an app can download malicious code after being accepted into the App Store, developer Charlie Miller found out that his iOS developer credentials were pulled by Apple. Read More >>

According to Former Developer, Facebook’s iPad App Is Done. They Just Won’t Release It

We've been waiting for the Facebook iPad app for a little while now, especially since TechCrunch's preview this past summer. In fact, it was done by then, says former Facebook developer Jeff Verkoeyen. The only thing that kept it from us was politics between Facebook and Apple. Read More >>