Careless App Developers Leave Millions of Sensitive Medical and Financial Records Exposed

Thanks to poorly secured backend databases, a few thousand mobile apps are leaking substantially sensitive data, including personal health information, plaintext passwords, and financial transactions, researchers have found. Read More >>

Apple Is Reportedly Cracking Down on Apps That Covertly Share Your Location Data

At a time when every tech company is desperate to avoid news that third-parties got their hands on user data without their knowledge, Apple is reportedly cracking down on app developers who have been transmitting users’ locations without their consent. The practice has long been part of Apple’s guidelines, but apparently wasn’t being properly enforced. Read More >>

magic leap
This Is Magic Leap’s First Headset

For months, cryptic teases and rampant rumours have indicated that Magic Leap was planning some sort of big reveal related to its long overdue mixed reality headset was coming before the end of the year. On Tuesday, we finally got the look at the device we’ve been waiting for. Read More >>

amazon alexa
UK Devs Can Now Add To Alexa’s Flash Briefing

Developers in the UK and Germany can now contribute to the Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing, otherwise known as the little snippets of news you get when you say "Alexa, what's new?" Read More >>

What We Expect From WWDC 2016: MacOS, Apple Watch 2 and More

Siri's only gone and done it, hasn't she? The digital assistant has spilled the beans about WWDC 2016, forcing Apple's PR team to actually do some work for once and confirm the details of its annual developer conference, which takes place this summer. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Binning Last-Gen Windows Store App Exams This Summer

Microsoft has announced quite the cull of its existing developer exam scheme, kicking out loads of older Windows 8 App Store certificates so they can be replaced by their new Windows 10 App Store equivalents. Read More >>

Live in London for £1 (If You’re a Web App Developer)

Even if you’ve got the skills, it’s not always easy to pay the bills. Unless, of course, you somehow manage to find a landlord willing to provide accommodation for next to nothing. Such a landlord actually exists, and his name is Adam Mughal. Read More >>

Apple’s Great New Developer Program Screws Over Safari Devs

During the last few days of the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple announced major changes to its developer programs. Gone are the different programs — and different fees — that developers for iOS, OS X, and watch OS previously had to pay. And that’s great! Except, one of the most under-appreciated dev communities has been screwed over. Read More >>

Apple Emails Porn to App Developer to Illustrate What Not to Do

A slightly bonkers story up on Medium claims that Apple emailed some porn to an app developer, as a way of illustrating that the app could be used to... browse for porn. Read More >>

A “Prototype” iPhone 6 is Currently Selling for £37,000 on eBay

Someone who was apparently sent a non-final version of the iPhone 6 when upgrading through US network Verizon has put the thing on sale, with the prototype phone, running in developer mode and without iOS 8 installed, currently going for a five-figure price. Read More >>

New HTML is About to Make Your Phone Much Better at Using the Internet

Underneath every picture of a dog in a beekeeping suitand ice-bucket challenge video you see on the internet, there's a complex framework of code. Soon, that framework will get a tiny tune-up that will make surfing the web on your phone faster than it's ever been. Read More >>

“Code Babes” is Everything Wrong With Tech Culture—Plus Strippers

The internet is buzzing right now with the latest, greatest (and potentially fake) Worst Thing Ever. Meet Code Babes, the stripping amalgam of everything that's wrong with tech culture today. Read More >>

Oculus Rift Production Stops as Developer Rush Uses All Components

The maker of the Oculus Rift VR headset has run into some trouble sourcing materials to build the developer hardware it's currently shipping, saying that the frenzy to pick up a dev unit means they've run out of (or can no longer buy) some critical components. Read More >>

Only Four Per Cent of Devs Give a Crap About the Wii U According to GDC Poll

The Wii U just can't get a break at the moment. Not only is it struggling to keep the pace with sales of Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One, but now it can't even gain the attention of the very people who should be making games for it. Read More >>