Researchers Designed a Video Game That Changes on the Fly to Compensate For Lag

Be it from a bad controller, an over-taxed computer, or troubles with a network connection, lag – also known as latency – has been plaguing gamers for decades. Responsive controls are crucial for victory in any kind of game requiring quick reflexes, but researchers have come up with a novel way to eliminate lag. Instead of tweaking endless settings or upgrading hardware, the game itself automatically adjusts to give players a fair chance when increased latency reduces their odds of winning. Read More >>

You Are Related to a Horrible Arseless Creature

Here’s a joke for you: What has one horrible mouth and no bum? Your great-great-great-great-great-(etc.) grandpa, probably. Read More >>

This Two-Faced Calf is a Survivor

A striking, two-faced calf has become a bit of a local star the small town of Campbellsville, Kentucky. Lucky has now managed to survive nearly 50 days, despite a developmental abnormality that causes most animals to die before birth. Read More >>

Apple Security Guards Kicked Cupertino’s Mayor Out of Its HQ

Cupertino mayor Barry Chang is apparently not an Apple fanboy. In a fiery interview with The Guardian, Chang says he was kicked out of Apple HQ when he was a city councilman. He was hoping to have a meeting about the city’s growing traffic congestion to which Apple contributes considerably. He didn’t get one. Read More >>

Watch How One Man Took the Internet to 60,000 People in Rural Nepal

This is Mahabir Pun. Fed up with the fact that he had to hike for two days whenever he wanted to check his email, he decided to connect his home town of Nangi to the Internet. This video explains how he did it. Read More >>

This Week, Learn to Code at Your Local Apple Shop

Apple is getting behind the Hour of Code initiative, opening up its shops to students after a quick shot at learning how to make apps and things that run on the many forms of software code out there. Read More >>

Biologists Coax Worms Into Growing New Kinds of Heads

In what sounds like a plot line from a BioShock game, a team of biologists has coaxed an animal into growing a new head and brain resembling those of a different species. The bizarre accomplishment adds to a growing body of research highlighting the importance of non-DNA factors (collectively known as the ‘epigenome’) in determining the most fundamental aspects of an organism’s anatomy. Read More >>

Internet for All is an Impossible Dream Right Now

From satellites, to autonomous solar-powered drones, or balloons, there have been plenty of ideas recently on how to connect up the world. Facebook, Google, large international organisations, national governments, even Bono, have laid out ideas of a near future in which we are all hooked into the network. Read More >>

Facebook is Going to Send Free Internet Across Africa From Satellites

Facebook has announced that it’s teaming up with French-based satellite provider Eutelsat Communications to beam free internet to 14 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Read More >>

Four Billion People are Still Without Internet

The United Nations’ Broadband Commission has published a new report whose headline finding is that 57 per cent of the human population — or around 4.2 billion people — will still not have access to the internet by the end of 2015. Read More >>

Google Has its Own Alternative to GitHub: Cloud Source Repositories

If you work with code every day, you’re likely used to GitHub. It's a place to store code with all the revision history you ever need. Now, though, Google has its own take on the service, open as a beta release for you to use for free. Read More >>

This Might Be the First Building Designed by Facebook Poll

Getting a building approved by the public is tough: a few strong NIMBY neighbourhood voices could easily bring down the entire process. To win the public over, designer Karim Rashid turned to his Facebook page, asking his 421,000 fans to vote on which concept for a new building they liked best. Read More >>

How Project InnerTube Helped Pull YouTube Out of the Gutter

Three years ago, YouTube had a big problem. People were watching YouTube videos on blogs, news sites and social media—everywhere but YouTube. As a result, the site’s 1 billion monthly viewers were only bringing the company £2.5 billion in revenue, less than what Netflix was skimming off just 50 million subscribers. Read More >>

Shenzhen’s Towering City Within a City Will Battle a Tide of Smog

A few years ago, you'd probably never heard of Shenzhen. Now the tiny Chinese fishing village has grown into a certified megalopolis, with 10 million residents, a thriving tech industry, and a gorgeous world-class airport. To cement its rising status in the world economy, Shenzhen has announced its most ambitious project yet: A green "super city" within the city, complete with what would be the world's second-tallest tower. Read More >>

Shock Survey Says Video Games are Good for Kids

Scientists are doing another 180-degree opinion flip today, with one group of researchers suggesting that a short spell of video game playing each day may lead to happier, better adjusted children, and not the emotionless killers the media suggests digital entertainment is breeding. Read More >>