Lucifer’s First Netflix Promo is Playful and a Little Racy

Lucifer, like many shows before it, is finding a second life in streaming, and the first promo for the Satan-starring TV show is eager to seize the moment Netflix has provided it. Read More >>

ISIS Will Use Pokémon Go to Murder Innocent Christians and Spawn Demons Says Crazy Radio Host Pastor

Everyone loves Pokémon—but not radio show host and pastor Rick Wiles. He recently recounted a story on his show about how he called police on a man he saw taking photos of his office building, only to learn the suspect was playing the popular new app Pokémon Go. Read More >>

Save School Kids from the Devil’s Erasers and Rubbers, Pleads Professor

My Lord. My F%$#*ing Lord. Just when you thought that the Westboro Baptist Church was the event horizon for crazy, a guy called Guy Claxon (and yes, that is his name) emerges. This university professor was recently tagged in an article printed in The Evening Standard saying that erasers were instruments of the devil and should be removed from school classrooms. Read More >>

Smirking Devil Face Hidden In Medieval Painting Was Probably a Prank

When Giotto—considered the first artist of the Renaissance—painted this fresco at the Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi in 1290, he hid something in plain view. It took 721 years and some close up photographies for someone to see it. Read More >>