star wars
Imperial Forces Defeat Devon Council

Teignbridge Council's planning department has seen the funny side of something, which may well be the first instance in all recorded local planning history in which planners have had a bit of a laugh and bent the rules for fun. Read More >>

star wars
Council Declares War on Local Imperial Scout Walker

Teignbridge District Council is fighting its own little war against rogue Imperial forces, as it's demanded that a keen Star Wars enthusiast removes a full-size model of an Imperial scout walker from land beside the A38. The Angel of the South West it is not. Read More >>

Cornish Drone Police Go Full Time

The Devon and Cornwall Police force is looking to up its drone coverage of the counties, with a job listing advertising the permanent position of drone manager -- and saying it heralds the launch of a 24/7 police drone assistance service in the region. Read More >>

Devon Penguins Wiped Out by Avian Malaria

The entire population of penguins -- 10 penguins -- at Exmoor Zoo has been wiped out, after an outbreak of avian malaria struck the birds and took out the lot of them. Read More >>

George Michael Thinks Cannabis Briefly Gave Him a West Country Accent

Let's go outside, George Michael; you're definitely in need of some fresh air if you truly believe that smoking a few joints could make you contract a wholly different accent. Read More >>

Earthquakes Join in With Kicking the UK While it’s Down

It's all gone biblical down in the south west, with the epic flooding now joined by a new form of catastrophe -- the earthquake. Residents in as far afield places as Ilfracombe and Swansea experienced a 4.1 magnitude quake yesterday, as God callously moved another chess piece on his board of doom. Read More >>

Devon and Cornwall Police Blocked From Web Porn and Gambling 2,700 Times in Three Months

Bobbies out on the, ahem, beat, in Devon and Cornwall have been caught trying to access pornographic and gambling related materials from force computers more than 2,700 times over the past three months. Pop-up adverts from "legitimate" websites were to blame say police officials. Yeah, like we haven't heard that one before... Read More >>