The Samsung S8 Dex Dock Works With Old Microsoft Lumia Phones

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the company included a new feature designed to turn your phone into a desktop PC. Called "Dex", the idea is that you can plug your S8 into a dock, connect a screen, keyboard and mouse, and have a desktop-style user experience. Read More >>

Samsung Dex Comes Heartbreakingly Close to Turning a Phone Into a Full-Blown Computer

The Samsung Dex is a tiny new smartphone dock that wades carefully toward a world in which smartphones serve as our primary computers. It’s about the size of a hockey puck, and when the Galaxy S8, a monitor, and a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse are connected, the Dex turns the phone into a surprisingly functional desktop. The idea is that instead of lugging a laptop around everywhere, you might just take your phone and drop it into a dock at home, the office, and so on. Read More >>

Samsung’s DeX Dock Turns The Galaxy S8 into a Desktop PC

These days there's a lot of talk about making productivity more mobile. Some companies have been throwing tablets at us, others tablets that are also sort of laptops, and a few (like Motorola and Microsoft) have tried to turn smartphones into desktop PCs. With the introduction of the Samsung Desktop Experience (or DeX) Samsung is the latest company to join that third group. Read More >>