Tacky Branding Is Not the Way Back from the Coronavirus Shutdown

Like many other branches of the entertainment industry’s consumer-facing side, comic book shops have been hit hard by the covid-19 pandemic. Millions of people are staying home, and in many cases shuttering their businesses, for fear of risking exposure to a currently incurable virus that’s killed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Read More >>

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The Coronavirus Outbreak Has Put the Comics Industry Between a Rock and a Hard Place

In the UK, comic book stores have had to close their doors alongside all other non-essential reteailers. In the United States, more and more comic book stores are also having to close their doors because of the ongoing covid-19 outbreak – whether that’s due to state restrictions or an actual lack of new product. One of the biggest questions looming has been what, if any, steps publishers and distributors like Diamond might be able to do to help shops weather the ongoing storm. The answer, of course, is somewhat complicated. Read More >>

Form of Carbon Harder Than Diamond Created by Researchers

Researchers have discovered a new form of carbon structure, called Q-carbon, that’s harder than diamond and allows artificial versions of the precious stone to be made at room temperature and pressure. Read More >>

Scientists Can Levitate Nanodiamonds in a Vacuum Using Laser Light

A team of researchers from the University of Rochester has managed to levitate nanodiamonds in a vacuum using laser light for the first time—which could provide a new breed of microscopic sensors. Read More >>

You Can Make Diamonds From Peanut Butter

Diamond's are beautiful but, sadly, rather expensive. Now, though, Dan Frost of the Bayerisches Geoinstitut in Germany has discovered that you can potentially make them from peanut butter. Read More >>

A New Carbon Supermaterial Is Stronger Than Graphene and Diamond

Move over graphene; get outta here diamond. There's a new carbon supermaterial in town, and it's stronger and stiffer than either of you. Read More >>

This Credit Card Costs £62,000 and an Imbecile’s Soul

This credit card is made of gold and diamonds. Called Visa Infinite, you have to pay USD$100,000 (£62,000) to the Russian 'Sberbank in order to get it. You also need to be a complete imbecile. A very rich imbecile, but a complete imbecile nonetheless. Read More >>

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This Machine Melts Diamonds For Fun

Pressure that can melt diamond; an electromagnetic pulse that can kill, and enough current to light 100 million light bulbs. Such are the extremes within the Z machine at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In this image, artificial lightning spread like a wave through Z's 33-metre-wide interior. Read More >>