Amazon Erects 79-Foot Cylindrical Shaft in Times Square

Look, I’m a straight woman with the maturity level of a 13-year-old boy. I am willing to admit that maybe—maybe—I sometimes see phalluses where they don’t exist. But this thing totally looks like a dick, right? Read More >>

Moth With Scaly Head and Weird Dick Named in Honour of Donald Trump

After becoming President, Barack Obama had a number of species named in his honour. Donald Trump, however, has managed to do him one better, finding an animal namesake days before his inauguration in Neopalpa donaldtrumpi, a tiny moth species distinguished by its yellow, scale-covered forehead and “unique genitalia.” Read More >>

HP and Chubby Checker Finish Fight Over “Chubby Checker” Penis-Size App

Chubby Checker, the Twist-singing denim enthusiast, has made legal peace with Hewlitt-Packard and Palm following a trademark infringement lawsuit over Chubby Checker, a penis measurement webOS app. Read More >>

Fleshlight Finally Made an iPad Case That You Can Have Sex With

You don't need to know much more about the Fleshlight Launchpad other than that it's an iPad case that you have sex with (and that the Lightning connector is not, uhm, liquidproof), but here is a photo in case you really need the visual, in the way you need the visual on your iPad while you are humping it. Read More >>

Thousands of Birds Flock Together to Create a Giant Penis in the Sky

What you're looking at are the beautifully flowing murmurations of starlings. Hundreds, often thousands, sometimes millions of birds fly together as a flock to create these fluid formations in the sky. They twist, they turn, they curve, they stiffen straight—they're awesome. And sometimes they make shapes that are amusing to the immature mind. Like the photo above, where thousands of starlings formed to create a penis. Clever birds. Read More >>

Beware Knockoff Penis Growing Herbal Supplements Laced With Viagra

The US FDA put out a warning this week that knockoffs of ExtenZe Maximum Strength have been found containing sildenafil — the active ingredient in Viagra and other ED prescriptions. Meaning hopeful pill poppers may have thought those "herbal supplements" were really kicking in, despite science having proven they just don't work. Read More >>

11 Ways to Make Foods Shaped Like Penises

Popsicles. Corndogs. Shish kabaobs. There are, you know, options. But sometimes, imagery just doesn't cut it. Here are eleven ways to put penis on the table. Read More >>

Uh, Durex Just Made Vibrating Underwear Controlled By Your iPhone

So, obviously this was going to happen eventually, but that doesn't mean we're ready for it. Durex announced what it's calling "Fundawear", which ostensibly stands for "fun underwear", but which Durex believes will eventually come to mean "article of clothing that is fun like once ever and until you realise what horror you've wreaked in your pants and never want to talk about it again." Read More >>

The Male Underwear of the Future Leaves So, So Many Questions Unanswered (NSFW)

Let's start with what we know. This is called a Flash Blue Side String (NSFW). It's made by a French undergarment company called Alter out of a "high elastic" content fabric. Here's what we don't know: Literally anything else that is going on here. Read More >>

Samsung’s New 6.3-Inch Phone Is Bigger Than 75 Percent of Human Penises

Samsung's Galaxy Mega is pretty big. (You:) How big? So big that it's bigger than about 75 per cent of the full grown human penises on planet Earth. Full stop. Read More >>

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Smoke Grenade Maker: Don’t Be a Dick with Smoke Grenades

Shouldn't this go without saying? No, no it shouldn't—because anyone not in the military buying smoke grenades is probably a dick to begin with. Read More >>