Philips New Android Smartphone Includes — Wait, That’s Just a Voice Recorder?

It might look like a chunky smartphone with the design stylings and dimensions reminiscent of the original iPhone, but Philips’ new Android-powered SpeechAir is actually a dedicated voice recorder with a touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity, and even a camera on the back. Read More >>

How Do Computers Understand Speech?

More and more, we can get computers to do things for us by talking to them. A computer can call your mother when you tell it to, find you a pizza place when you ask for one, or write out an email that you dictate. Sometimes the computer gets it wrong, but a lot of the time it gets it right, which is amazing when you think about what a computer has to do to turn human speech into written words: turn tiny changes in air pressure into language. Read More >>

Talking To Your Mac: The Coolest Feature of Mountain Lion, and the Future of Computers

Mountain Lion, the next big software cat for your Mac, has a gazillion new features. Too many to name, and frankly, to care about. But there's one you should pay attention to, because it might change all of computing. Read More >>

Will We Soon See a Siri-Like Dictation on OS X?

Voice seems to be the next battleground for Apple. First we had Siri on the iPhone 4S, and while it might not be all that useful for us Brits, it also brought with it Dictation with works alright. Next we saw Dictation hit the new iPad, but now it seems the Mac is going to get a slice of the Siri-powered voice-to-text action too. Read More >>

Reminder: All Your iPad Dictations Belong to Apple

Though the new iPad doesn't have Siri, it does have Dictation, which lets you dictate what you want to say to the email, notes, messages, and other apps. And like Siri, Dictation needs an internet connection in order to work, that's because Apple needs to send your phrases to its servers to make sense out of your yapping. Read More >>

Apple’s Working On Replacing That Typo-Infused iPad Keyboard with Siri Dictate

It’s a bit strange, it has to be said, that the iPad 2 hasn’t gotten an injection of Siri yet; unless Apple’s going to screw us and leave it as an iPad 3-exclusive, of course. But according to new evidence found in a recent iOS 5.1 beta, Apple is actually working on Siri-powered Dictation for the iPad. Read More >>