Wonderful, Digg Is Now Owned by an Advertising Company

Digg has been sold by its former owner, Betaworks, to ad-tech company BuySellAds for an undisclosed amount. The story, first reported by FastCompany, comes nearly a month after the news aggregation site shut down its RSS client Digg Reader. You could call this sale the death of an internet icon, but that happened when the original Digg was sold in 2012. What we’ve got now is a Digg in name only, and who knows how valuable that is (or isn’t). Read More >>

Digg’s Google Reader Replacement is Going the Way of Google Reader

Nothing lasts forever, I suppose. In what could be construed as a cruel joke, Digg is pulling the plug on Digg Reader, the company’s answer to the demise of popular RSS service Google Reader. Digg Reader will shut down on March 26th, 2018, giving you just enough time to export your data before the service goes dark. Read More >>

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Man, the Original Star Wars Trilogy Was a Bloodbath

When I think back on watching Star Wars as a kid, I remember it as a pretty tame. After all, those stormtroopers had terrible aim. Turns out that maybe I'm misremembering. That original trilogy was kind of a bloodbath, and this supercut from Digg turns it into a tidy little three-minute snuff film. Read More >>

The New Instapaper: Reading Later in iOS 7 Will Be Sleeker and Simpler

A few months back, Instapaper was acquired by Betaworks, better known as the folks who bought Digg and rescued it from a hell of disuse. Tomorrow, the company is launching an overhauled version of Instapaper concurrently with Apple's iOS 7 launch. Here's a look at the new, flatter, easier-to-use Instapaper. Read More >>

Digg for Android Is Finally Here: Get Your Read On In a Million Ways

The Digg app for iOS has been around for a while, but until now, Android users have been left out of the fun. No longer. Digg for Android is here. Read More >>

Reminder: Import or Export Your Google Reader Feeds Now

Today is the day when Google sends its much-loved-by-us, but seemingly disowned-by-Google RSS reader to the electronic scrapheap in the sky. As of writing, Reader is a walking corpse. It's scheduled for destruction today, but I'm assuming Google won't pull the plug until someone's up and had their coffee in the US. So, if you haven't pulled your RSS feeds yet, or synced them into another service, do it right now. Read More >>

10 Google Reader Alternatives That Will Ease Your RSS Pain

Google Reader is on its deathbed, slated to meet its end on July 1st. Its demise has been looming in the distance for a while, so this should come as no surprise. And while this is certainly a time of mourning, there's the unseemly business of finding a replacement. Here's a list of platform agnostic alternatives that should help make the transition as painless as possible. We're sorry for your loss. Read More >>

Digg Reader Hands-On: Your Google Reader Life Raft Is Here

Here's the good news: Digg Reader is a real thing in the world that exists, and at the very latest, you'll have access to it by next Wednesday, June 26th. I just landed at an early invite page for the service, and with a click, imported my 500 or so feeds from Google Reader in seconds. Hey, it works. Read More >>

How Digg Raced to Make the Google Reader Replacement You’ll Want

With Google Reader about to meet its maker, Digg decided to make the ultimate replacement. That was two months ago — and Wired has the inside track of exactly how the project has come together since then. Read More >>

Digg’s Google Reader Replacement Will Be Live on June 26th

Are you dreading the demise of Google Reader as much as I am? Well, here's a spot of good news. Digg's promised Google Reader replacement will launch for everyone plus dog on June 26th, which is lucky, given Reader will be terminated on July 1st. Just make sure you save all your feeds using Google Takeout, and you might want to check out Feedly too while you're at it. [Digg] Read More >>

Internet 1.0 King Announces Plan to Save and Rebuild Google Reader

Digg, which was sort of like the Reddit of a long time ago, has come up with a plan to save the axed Google reader RSS aggregator tool. By remaking it from the ground up. Read More >>

How Digg Was Saved in Six Weeks

The last time Digg was something worth thinking about, Iraq was in the midst of civil war and Justin Timberlake was on the radio. The site went to ruin. It sold for pocket change. And now, with no warning, it's back—and it's beautiful. And the team that pulled it off isn't sure what to do now. Read More >>

At Least Digg’s Killing the Dreaded DiggBar

Just a few weeks ago, Digg sold itself for a pittance. Now, the new Digg team has posted a preview of what it's calling v1: its ambitious plan to fix the ailing network. Signs of life! A battery of new changes! The new design launching later this week will dispense with horrid DiggBar. Will that be enough to save the basically dead site? Read More >>

Digg Sells Itself for Pathetic Pocket Change: £325,000

Which one of you rascals just bought Digg! The company, clearly in need of some new cushions for the corporate cafeteria, just sold itself for a mere $500,000 USD. In 2008, it turned down Google's offer of two hundred million. Read More >>