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Working Tank Treads Keep This Caterpillar Digger For Kids From Getting Stuck

Adding to the already lengthy list of ‘things I wish I had when I was a kid’ this Caterpillar digger has an articulated scooping arm connected to a base with working tank treads that guarantees it won’t get mired in mud while your kid slowly but surely destroys your perfectly manicured lawn. Read More >>

Inside the Vast Tunnels of Europe’s Biggest Infrastructure Project 

It's a vast understatement to say that Crossrail, London's newest underground trainline, is big. It's massive: 23 miles of huge tunnels below an ancient city, dug by a team of 10,000 workers, to form the city's biggest transit project since World War II. Read More >>

Archaeologists May Have Uncovered the Oldest Roman Temple Ever Found

Archaeologists from the University of Michigan believe they have found what is perhaps the oldest Roman temple still in existence. Built around the 7th century BC—probably for the goddess Fortuna—the temple tells us a lot about how the Romans built their city, thousands of years ago. Read More >>