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Does Asking Alexa Actually Save Time? An Investigation

Digital assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri are easier to use than ever. Not only are they built into smart speakers, these days you can access them via your phone, TVs, and even your smartwatch. Read More >>

The Next Cortana Won’t Just be a Sexy Lady—You Can Also Choose a Guy

Why are our digital assistants submissive human women? It’s more than a little sexist, no? But soon, Microsoft’s Cortana will let you change her gender. There will be a male version too. Read More >>

Google Now for iPhone and iPad iOS
Do You Want Google Now For Your iPhone?

I've said time, and time again that the best thing about Android is potentially Google Now. It's still in its infancy, but is apparently coming to a desktop near you. Now a supposedly leaked video, which was quickly pulled, has ignited rumours that Google's bringing Now to the iPhone. I would be, of course, totally all over this like white on rice, but does anyone else want Google Now for their iPhone? Read More >>

Google Now
Google Now Is Now Coming to Desktop Chrome

Google Now is probably the best thing about Android -- an automatic and genuinely-useful digital assistant that spits out location and time-based information at a glance -- but now it's coming to your desktop via Chrome. After rumours and hints, Google Now's just popped up in the Chromium backend. It doesn't work for now, but it will, very soon, hopefully. Read More >>