Why Would You Even Want a 6K Camera When Nothing Can Play 6K Video?

Just when you think you’re safe and secure in your camera buying choices – ready to pick up a new model with state-of-the-art 4K video recording – along come the likes of Blackmagic and Panasonic with new 6K-capable models. Have you missed the 6K TV revolution, you might be wondering? Where have an extra few million pixels come from? Here’s what you need to know about these new 6K cameras. Read More >>

Sony’s 61-MP A7R IV Looks Like the New Mirrorless Champ to Beat

It’s been a wild past year for the camera industry. After years spent focusing on DSLRs or Micro Four Thirds shooters, Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic have finally all entered the full-frame mirrorless market with their EOS R, Nikon Z, and Lumix S1 camera lines. However, despite all these new challengers, Sony remains the leader in the full-frame mirrorless segment, with the A7 III outselling both the EOS R and Nikon Z combined in Japan. Now, with the new A7R Mark IV, it looks like Sony could extend its lead even more. Read More >>

CES 2019: Nikon Adds a Powerful New 14-30mm Ultra-Wide Zoom to its Z-series Lens Lineup

For Nikon’s first foray into the full-frame digital mirrorless world, its new Z-series cameras have become worthy rivals to Sony’s A7 and A9 cams, sometimes even beating Sony at its own game when it comes capturing high-quality video. Read More >>

How to Pick the Right Memory Card for Every Device You Own

As with a lot of tech purchasing decisions, when it comes to buying a memory card you can’t just click on the first result that appears on your online retailer of choice and that’s that—today’s memory cards, with their small sizes and huge capacities, have features and specs all of their own. Here’s what you need to know. Read More >>

Panasonic’s TZ200 Puts a Really Big Zoom in a Little Camera

The photos from most smartphones have gotten so good nowadays, they have basically killed the market for point-and-shoot cameras. That said sometimes you need a zoom. For people wanting to push image quality a little higher, there’s still value in a small, compact camera with a (relatively) big sensor and a long reach. Read More >>

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Digital Camera Sensors

You don’t need to know enough about it to build one yourself, but a little knowledge of how digital cameras actually work can help improve your photography game. So if you’ve got an extra 13 minutes at your disposal today, watch this wonderful explainer of how a camera’s sensor works. Read More >>

There are No Blindspots With This Real-Time 3D View of Your Car

There are already countless vehicles that use multiple tiny cameras to give the driver an overhead view of what objects or obstacles are around their car while parking. But SPTek has developed a system that’s able to show a driver what’s around their vehicle while on the road, completely eliminating the blindspot that’s responsible for so many accidents. Read More >>

Sony RX100 Mark III: The Point and Shoot Champ Takes it Up a Notch

The RX100 was instrumental in forging the high-end point and shoot category of digital cameras when it debuted in 2012. Last year's Mark II version was a minor spec bump, but the new RX100 Mark III has some startling features you'd ever expect from a camera so small. Read More >>

Polaroid’s Socialmatic Camera is all About Sharing Your Shots

We were cautiously optimistic when the concept for the real-life Instagram camera, the Socialmatic, popped up online last year. But despite our concerns, Polaroid is officially making the design a reality. The company is partnering with Socialmatic, and when the camera is available this Autumn, it will allow photographers to either instantly share their shots on "major social media networks" or just run off a hard copy using the device's built-in instant ZINK printer. Read More >>

How to Use Your Fancy New Camera Like a Pro

Congratulations, you scored an awesome new camera. Welcome to our annual guide to getting started with your new tool. Read More >>

The 10 Most Important Digital Cameras of All Time

This time of year, when new digital cameras are being released left and right, is a great opportunity to look back on those pioneering shooters that led the charge from photochemical to digital supremacy. PopPhoto has a great rundown of the 30 most important digital cameras of all time. Here are our 10 favourites. Read More >>

This High-Speed Digital Camera Can Freeze Objects Moving 12,000KPH

When it comes to high-speed photography — and we're talking about freezing explosions and other occurrences that are over in just thousandths of a second — something known as film-based streak photography has always been the go-to technology. But as film continues its slow death, a company called MetroLaser has come up with a digital alternative that can freeze objects moving at almost 7,500 miles per hour, which is roughly ten times the speed of sound. Read More >>

Digital Camera Dissection Explains Why Your Dirt Cheap Shooter Sucks

The image quality might be absolutely terrible, but one advantage to dropping just USD$18 on a low-low-end digital camera like the Vivitar V25 is that you can dissect it without feeling guilty. The Kahn Academy certainly didn't shed a tear over the demise of this V25. Instead, they used its death as a golden opportunity to explain how a digital camera works, and how a cheap model manages to be so affordable. Read More >>

Syrian Rebels Hack Together Digital Cameras To Replace Machine Gun Scopes

Rebels in Syria are not satisfied with the munitions and technology readily available to them. So, increasingly, they're building their own badass battle tools. New York Times' At War blog discovered some crazy awesome DIY weapons, like a machine gun, which instead of a traditional scope, has a digital camera installed: Read More >>